Volunteer Positions

Student Care Packages

Purpose: Remind WAEF students that we care!  The transition from high school to college is a stressful experience for many students leading to a high first-year drop-out rate, especially for first generation students.  The move from home, higher academic expectations and first-time independence are a lot to deal with!  Finals are an especially stressful time for students.  With your help we can reach out to all WAEF students and provide them encouragement and let them know that we are supporting their success. 

Job Description: Send care packages to 10-15 current WAEF scholarship recipients in the fall and spring.  Families, businesses and individuals are encouraged to participate.  Each care package team will be provided student addresses.  It is then the responsibility of each team to collect, assemble and mail packages to students. 

Student Career Development Committee

Purpose: Help cultivate the future workforce of the tree fruit industry by supporting current WAEF scholarship recipients with degree completion and job attainment.  Committee members will focus on connecting students with tree fruit industry careers.  Development committee members should be employed in the tree fruit industry with the ability to offer job shadow opportunities to WAEF students. 

Job Description: Volunteers will contribute articles to the student LinkedIn site, arrange for informational interviews and job shadows.  Will also network with students at WAEF activities such as the regional student and holiday dinners.

Scholarship Selection Committee


Purpose: The WAEF scholarship selection committee helps make college dreams come true for industry young people.  The selection committee succeeds for students, thanks to its dedicated members. 

Job Description: To review WAEF scholarship applications submitted by high school seniors or current college students.  Each committee member will be assigned to a sub-committee and will receive up to 40 applications to review.  Once reviewed, committee members will discuss applicants, recommend and assign recipients at their assigned sub-committee meeting.  The WAEF Scholarship Selection Committee requires approximately 60 volunteers. It is estimated that work on the committee can reach up to 30 hours during the months of March and April.  Basic computer skills are needed with an understanding of Excel. 

Scholarship Announcements


Purpose: To personally congratulate and present scholarships to award recipients. 

Job Description: Visit high schools and present scholarship awards to students unannounced.  Volunteers will be given a list of high schools with the recipient names to visit in their geographical area.   Announcements are unannounced so volunteers are to check into the school office for instructions.  Students are either called into the office or volunteers are escorted to the student’s classroom to present award.  Excitement and friendliness is needed as many students are shy and apprehensive when given the award.  Travel is volunteer’s responsibility.  The announcement week is during the middle of May. 

Golf Tournaments

Purpose: Support education and the WAEF mission by helping raise funds to send tree fruit industry kids to college! Spend a day in the sun, enjoy a barbeque lunch, mingle with friends, industry members and current scholarship recipients.

Job Description: Volunteers needed to help with set-up, registration, course contests, photographs and raffle sales.  Various shift times are available to fit your schedule.  Volunteers should understand and have ties to the tree fruit industry in order to interact with those in attendance.  Must be friendly and personable.  Volunteers are also needed to help with auction item acquisitions prior to the events.  The Wenatchee Golf Tournament is held the beginning of June and the Yakima tournament is held the beginning of July.

Scholarship Luncheon Committee

Purpose: To create an event that celebrates and recognizes scholarship recipients in an effort to boost student morale as each plans to depart for college.  Raise awareness of WAEF and our mission to attract and keep engaged, long-term and loyal donors. Provide short-term revenue for current scholarship program needs. 

Job Description: Ideal committee members will have contacts in the community and industry to assist with the fundraising component of the luncheons and have ideas and energy to ensure that each luncheon is unique and memorable.  Utilize contacts to acquire event sponsorships and in-kind needs.  Coordinate with fellow committee members on areas of joint operations, i.e.: promotion and theme as well as menu, decorations, theme, favors and keynote speaker.  Committee meets once in February with additional meetings as needed

Scholarship Celebration Luncheon Event Day Volunteer

Purpose: Each spring the Washington Apple Education Foundation awards scholarships to deserving young people from tree fruit communities to help them pursue their educational dreams. A scholarship luncheon is held to honor the scholarship recipients and gather business, industry and community members for an afternoon of celebration of tomorrow’s leaders. 

Job Description: Volunteers needed for set-up and tear down, registration, photographs and seating guests.  Bi-lingual volunteers needed to help with registration and to interact with Spanish-speaking families in attendance to share information about the event and WAEF. The Scholarship Luncheons take place the end of July.

Audit Committee

Purpose: To review the work performed by the CPA firm conducting WAEF’s annual audit.

Job Description: Committee members are provided with an advanced copy of the audited financial statements.  Members review audit findings and recommendations, discuss with professionals and make recommendations to the WAEF board of directors.  The annual audit has a planned completion date of March 20th.

Investment Committee

Purpose: To oversee the work of the Investment Advisors ensuring they follow the established investment policies established by the board of directors.

Job Description: Recommend policy revisions and when necessary, advisor prospectus’.  The committee holds two regular meetings annually.

Administrative Help (Office and home-based)

Purpose:  To help support WAEF staff with a variety of administrative duties while supporting WAEF’s mission. 

Job Description: Volunteers are needed to help in the WAEF office as well as volunteers who are willing to complete tasks at home.  In office help includes data entry, organization and assembly of scholarship selection materials during scholarship season, clerical support and event preparation help as needed.  Out of office volunteers needs include student outreach (communicating with current scholarship students via email and phone), thank you phone calls to WAEF donors, assembly of event attendee gifts, and procurement of auction donors and sponsorships.