James Foreman, Chairman
Foreman Fruit, Wenatchee
(206) 890-6881





Bob Mast, Vice-Chairman
CMI Orchards, Wenatchee
(509) 888-3417




Chris Willett, Secretary
Enza Fruit, Wenatchee
(509) 949-4800




Kailan Dunn, Immediate Past Chairman
HR Spinner Corporation, Yakima
(509) 833-1845
"I serve WAEF as I love helping students from tree fruit regions achieve their goals and dreams.  WAEF helped make my dream come true and I want to help dreams for others come true."



Dwaine Brown, Treasurer
Tree Top, Selah
(509) 248-7250
"I joined WAEF to enable the concept of helping deserving students reach their full potential."





Jeff Fagg, Immediate Past Chairman
Northwest Farm Credit Services, Moses Lake
(509) 764-2709
"I initially joined WAEF to give back to an industry that has treated me well.  Now after four years I serve to continue to help the amazing students and families we touch."


Andrew Sundquist
Sundquist Fruit, Yakima
(509) 457-8164
"I joined the WAEF board because our industry and our world need engaged young people. The pace and rate of change are increasing and we need smart individuals to fuel that change. I feel is is our duty to aid those with roots, or interest, in the tree fruit industry with the best possible educational support and career exposure that we can offer. WAEF embodies our obligation to lend a hand to the families and the communities of those involved in the tree fruit industry, if and when a hand is needed. 

Bart Gebers
Key Bank, Wenatchee
(509) 663-2636
"I joined WAEF because I enjoy the ag community.  Also, I like to see what the students have been able to do with the resources they have."



Ben Jensen
Orchard-Rite, Yakima
(509) 834-202





Brian Alegria
CPC International Apple Company, Tieton
(509) 673-3113
"I joined WAEF to help provide opportunities to the young people of our tree fruit industry."



Cory Groves
United Pacific Forest Products, Yakima
(509) 496-1106



Dan Plath
Washington Fruit & Produce Company, Yakima
(509) 457-6177
"I joined the WAEF board because I saw it as an opportunity to give back to the fruit industry and the communities that support it. I have continued to serve because I enjoy being part of a well-run organization and seeing the success of the young people that the foundation supports."



Dave Robison
Robison Orchards, Chelan
(509) 687-9353
"I serve to give back to a great organization, that has given to me and my family."


Frank Davis
Washington Fruit & Produce, Yakima

(509) 966-1814

"I serve on the WAEF board to make a positive impact on young people's lives and also give back to this great industry that has been so good to my family and I."




Laurie Knebusch
Cowiche Growers, Cowiche




La Verne Bergstrom

"Someone believed in me and sent me to college so I love being involved in the process of giving that opportunity to others through the good work of WAEF."



Ruth Pringle
(509) 653-2016

"WAEF was founded to provide funding so individuals working in the tree fruit industry had an opportunity for themselves or their children to further their education. Being a part of providing scholarships and grants to these deserving people has been very rewarding for me.


Larry Martin
Halverson Northwest Law Group, Yakima
(509) 248-6030

"Education can be such an important key to success, and serving on the WAEF board lets me help with providing opportunities to many deserving students."



Darrin Belton
Wilbur-Ellis Company, Kennewick
(509) 736-3101