Chris Willett, Chairman
T&G Global, Wenatchee
(509) 949-4800



 Jeff Fagg, Secretary
Columbia Business Consultants, Moses Lake
(509) 764-2709
"I initially joined WAEF to give back to an industry that has treated me well.  Now after four years I serve to continue to help the amazing students and families we touch."



Laurie Knebusch, Secretary
(509) 952-9688

waine Brown, Treasurer
Tree Top, Selah
(509) 248-7250
"I joined WAEF to enable the concept of helping deserving students reach their full potential."


Bob Mast, Immediate Past Chairman
CMI Orchards, Wenatchee
(509) 663-1955



 Andrew Sundquist
Sundquist Fruit, Yakima
(509) 457-8164
"I believe that by reaching out to donors, I am helping keep WAEF in their thoughts and priorities. I enjoy working on the vision and governance of WAEF to ensure that it is viable and long-lasting."


Bart Gebers
Key Bank, Wenatchee
(509) 663-2636
"I joined WAEF because I enjoy the ag community.  Also, I like to see what the students have been able to do with the resources they have."



Ben Jensen
Orchard-Rite, Yakima
(509) 834-202





Cory Groves
United Pacific Forest Products, Yakima
(509) 496-1106




Darrin Belton
Stemilt Growers, Zillah
(509) 663-1451



Dennis Bigness
Northwest Farm Credit Services, Pasco

Frank Davis
United Apple Sales, Yakima
(509) 966-1814
"I am proud to participate in a top quality organization that provides support and follow up with students, giving them the ability to further their education though scholarships. I receive much more than I could ever give by seeing young people succeed in school and in life."


James Foreman
Foreman Fruit, Wenatchee
(206) 890-6881

Kailan Dunn
HR Spinner Corporation, Yakima
(509) 833-1845
"I serve WAEF as I love helping students from tree fruit regions achieve their goals and dreams.  WAEF helped make my dream come true and I want to help dreams for others come true."



Larry Martin
Halverson Northwest Law Group, Yakima
(509) 248-6030




Keith Veselka
Occidental Orchards, Yakima
(509) 654-2993

Kristin Kershaw-Snapp
Kershaw Companies
(509) 966-1814

La Verne Bergstrom
"I feel that my length of service on the board of directors serves as a good historian. I also have a long history with the scholarship selection process and thanking our generous donors."




Rolando Martin
Washington Fruit & Produce



Ruth Pringle
(509) 653-2016
"I feel that the time I contribute to WAEF impacts the lives of our recipients. It reinforces the ideal to our community that we value the people who have made our industry a success. Whether it is in the form of a scholarship or grant money, WAEF wants to give these individuals the educational tools to improve their lives. Through WAEF, the fruit industry benefits from a more skilled workforce. It is personally rewarding to see so many individuals graduating from college and trade school