Scholarship Blitz Week – 52 Schools in 5 Days!

Scholarship Blitz Week – 52 Schools in 5 Days!

Last year WAEF was forced in to a new approach to scholarship training and promotion. This year, we’re excited to use lessons learned from last year’s efforts and combine them with historic approaches to scholarship outreach.
We spent this week visiting 52 schools, each filled with potential WAEF scholarship recipients. We got to hear from counselors and scholarship advocates and share about the resources we have available to promote scholarships.
We are fortunate to work dedicated student advocates in our region’s schools. To assist them and their students, WAEF offers in-person and virtual scholarship training sessions. The scholarship training curriculum is also now available to counselors to deliver in lesson plans broken out into the three main take-aways: scholarships are for everyone, avoid disqualification (follow the rules), and stand out by telling your story.
Three evening virtual scholarship training sessions are scheduled for the fall/winter. The sessions are open to all students from any of our schools. Prizes will be provided to schools that have a minimum number of students participating.
WAEF’s scholarship training website,, is also a resource for school officials, students and parents.
Newsletters with tips and short videos are distributed to counselors monthly. These are designed to be passed along or to pull relevant pieces that support the school’s scholarship outreach.
Posters promoting scholarships for university and technical college bound students were included with the binders.
We appreciate all of the extra efforts school officials are making to help make sure this year’s senior class is supported with their college plans and scholarship needs!

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