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The Gift of an Education Lasts a Lifetime

Creation of a scholarship to assist young people raised in tree fruit districts is an important decision. Not only is the event life-changing to the recipients, but a scholarship fund also can demonstrate your company’s commitment to the future, honor the memory of a loved one or industry member, or provide your family an avenue to recognize its long history with the tree fruit industry.

The Washington Apple Education Foundation facilitates creation and management of industry scholarships.

Benefits to WAEF Managed Scholarships

Flexibility and Individuality

WAEF donors dictate the qualifications and selection criteria (within IRS guidelines and board approval) of their individual scholarships. Working with WAEF staff, donors can elect to have their scholarships awarded to students from a particular community or high school, to students pursuing a degree in a related field, or to the children of their employees. Additionally, donors can specify that certain criteria be weighted most heavily, such as scholastics, financial need or others.

Tax Deductible

Scholarship donations made to WAEF are tax-deductible, as allowed by law. WAEF follows IRS restrictions to ensure donations receive full consideration. To learn more about establishing a WAEF scholarship through your estate management, please view information here or contact the WAEF office.

Professional Management

Policies and procedures adopted by the WAEF Board of Directors governing the scholarship selection and administration process have created an efficient, open and professional program that is made available to industry members for management of scholarship funds. This program is currently utilized by over 70 different industry families, employers and organizations. WAEF coordinates promotion of the scholarships, creation and distribution of the universal scholarship application, application assessment and review, recipient selection, award disbursement and ongoing communications with recipients and donors.

WAEF provides a neutral third party buffer between recipients and donors.

Positive Publicity

Activities of the Washington Apple Education Foundation generate positive messages about Washington’s tree fruit industry. WAEF staff and directors actively promote the good deeds of industry members locally, regionally and state-wide, attracting the attention of lawmakers and citizens. The larger the “pot” of awards, the greater the interest generated.

To learn more about establishing a scholarship at WAEF, please contact the Foundation’s executive director, Faviola Barbosa, at (509) 663-7713 or

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