New Scholarship Training Resources Website

The Washington Apple Education Foundation’s (WAEF) new scholarship resource website went live this week.  The site, located at, was created to serve the scholarship information needs of college-bound students and their parents and school counselors.  It contains information from WAEF’s scholarship training curriculum normally delivered in person by WAEF staff. At the start of […]

2021 Scholarship Application Open!

We are excited to share that the 2021 scholarship application is now available to college-enrolled and college-bound students. The application due date is March 1, 2021. Application details and award criteria are available on the WAEF website. Students may choose between two applications. The Universal Application should be used by students pursuing a four-year degree, even if beginning […]

WAEF Welcomes New Board Members

Earlier this month the WAEF board of directors held its quarterly meeting. It is the second time this year for WAEF directors to meet via video conference. Elections of board members and officers had been postponed from their traditional May happening with the hope that this August meeting could be held in person. With the need to continue […]

WAEF Students Adapt to Change

Thank you for your questions and concern about the impact of changing learning environments on WAEF students. We are excited to share nearly all WAEF students continue to stay on track with their college plans. Our outreach with students encourages the importance of honoring their own goals and dreams while acknowledging their college experiences will […]

Celebrating Retiring Directors Ruth Pringle & James Foreman

WAEF has made progress for 26 years and continues to move forward thanks to the amazing men and women that serve on the foundation’s board of directors. When a member retires from the board, it’s a perfect to celebrate and honor their contributions. We delayed retirement for Ruth Pringle and James Foreman hoping to hold […]

Celebrating Our Future!

In years past, we would all be gathering together about now, WAEF scholarship recipients, their parents, donors and volunteers, for the annual scholarship celebration luncheon events. With the restrictions on group gatherings, this year we are instead getting to hear from students in this special tribute film. Forced change is rarely welcome but there can be […]

Financial Aid Support for College-Bound Students

Dr. Gene Sharratt compiled the information shared here to assist Washington students navigate changes in state need based grants and gain a stronger understanding of how to access state and federal financial aid. For students currently enrolled in college, make sure to reach out to your financial aid office if you or your family’s financial […]

Today is the Day!

Our wait is finally over and we are so excited!! You can now order Washington Apples specialty license plates. How do you do this? You have two options for ordering your plates. The first is to download the form from the state DOL website and return it to them via the USPS. Instructions for that […]

License Plates Available July 1st!

Wenatchee, Wash… With much anticipation, the Washington apples specialty license plates will make their debut next week.  Starting July 1st, Washington drivers may order the plates for their licensed vehicles from the Department of Licensing website at  Proceeds from the sales and renewals of the plates benefit the Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF).             […]

What’s Different at WAEF Now

Last week Good Fruit Grower contacted WAEF to find out what we’re doing differently since the start of the pandemic. In our visit, I realized there have been a lot of changes at WAEF. It seemed like a good idea to share those out and keep our full WAEF community apprised. (Thank you for the idea, Ross!) Career [...]

2020 WAEF Scholarship Recipients Announced

Students learned of their awards this week in an improvised congratulations announcement. Industry members and supporters are providing over $1 million in scholarship aid to this group of dedicated and worthy young people. This year's scholarship recipients include 218 renewing students and 92 new scholarship recipients. 66 of our new students are current high school [...]

Special WAEF Story – Scholarships Go Full Circle

WAEF students never fail to amaze us. I am excited to share a special story with you about one of our current WAEF students. Last Friday the 2020 WAEF Wish List was distributed via email. This list includes men and women identified by our scholarship selection committee. The students on the list have strong potential and a desire to succeed […]