Volunteer of the Year: Dany Cavadini

Volunteer of the Year: Dany Cavadini

Volunteers make all the difference at WAEF! This year we are excited to announce that our Volunteer of the Year is Dany Cavadini.

Dany is a caring, ultra-capable volunteer whose involvement touches all areas at WAEF. Guests at most WAEF events have met her at registration, greeting golfers on the golf course, selling raffle tickets, and/or taking photos. Students know her from her involvement at summer workshops, sending care packages, and as a mentor. WAEF staff loves her because she always arrives happy and ready to do whatever is needed.

We asked Dany to tell us why she chose WAEF to dedicate her time, “The mission of WAEF makes it so easy to jump in whole heartedly to support these amazing students. The past six years I’ve had the opportunity to watch students learn, grow, and accomplish their goals and knowing that I’ve been able to contribute in such a small ways to support their success is so rewarding.”

Dany became aware of WAEF through her work at Northwest Farm Credit Services, a longtime, committed WAEF partner. Dany has worked for NWFCS for the last six years out of their Moses Lake branch. She recently made a career change and begins later this month as the executive director of the Washington FFA Association.

Northwest Farm Credit Services held a reception for Dany organized by Tom Howard.  It was definitely a surprise to her when we arrived with balloons, chocolates, and a recognition award.

Dany joins an impressive and dedicated group of past WAEF volunteers of the year including Pat Bossen, Leo & Pat Sax, Mallory Champoux, Dee Schoenmakers (deceased), Colleen Malmassari, Steve Clive, Nate Fulton, and Courtney Lane.

Our appreciation to all the nearly 200 volunteers that make an impact with WAEF each year. WAEF volunteers make the organization!

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