2020 In Review

2020 In Review

Thank you for the many ways you make a difference to students through WAEF!
All contributions are valued and make it possible for students to attend and succeed at college. Contributors listed below have provided unrestricted gifts during 2020 not connected to sponsorships or direct scholarships.
Beyond the Scholarship Donors 2020
Chelan Fresh
Washington Fruit & Produce Company
Wells Fargo Foundation
Albert Victor Ravenholt Fund
Bayer US LLC
Fine Americas Inc
Orchard-Rite Ltd
Walkenhauer, Jim & Barbara
Butler, Michael
Key Bank Foundation
Mast, Bob & Sabrina
Plath, Dan & Bri
CMI Orchards
Columbia Fruit Packers Inc
D&M Chemical Company
Gilbert Orchards
Kershaw Companies
Legacy Fruit LLC
Lund, Steve & Jody
McDougall & Sons Inc
Pace International
Peebles, Herold & Vicki
Veselka, Keith & Ruth
Allan Brothers Inc
Bloxom, John & Connie
Brown, Dwaine
Buck, Nancy & Steve
Douglas, John H & Heather
Fagg, Jeff & Merrily
Harris, Michael W
Jensen, Ben & Rachel
Klicker, Travis & Chelsea
Matson, Rod & Carmen
Moss Adams LLP
North Central Washington Fieldmens Association
Stemilt Growers LLC
Sullivan, Rachel & Jack
Sundquist Fruit
Taggares Fruit Company LLC
The New Royal Bluff Orchards LLC
Valley Fruit Fund @ Yakima Valley Community Foundation
Yakima Pomological Club
Alegria, Steven & Patricia
Bigness, Dennis & Lynetta
Borton Fruit
Congdon Orchards Inc
Crane & Crane Inc
Dickerson, Cristina
Gilbert, Scott
Hayes, Michael & Kimberly
Knebusch, James & Laurie
Martin, Larry & Susan
Martin, Rolando
Martinez, Madai
Meyer Orchard Management Inc
Nebel, Julie
Olson, Karl
Poush, Adam & Hannah
Price Cold Storage
Robinson, Michael & Lisa
Robison, Dave & Karla
Schlect, Christian & Janet
Stadelman Fruit LLC
Strand-Selby, Janet
Tree Top Inc
Van Doren Sales
Van Someren Gréve, Hans & Lavonne
Verbrugge, Martin & Judy
Wiggins, Keith & Claudia
Witherbee, Jennifer & Jay
Adams, Randy & Jane
Applied Horticulture
Belton, Darrin & Pam
Benson, Dean
Benson, Josh
Bromfield, Valerie & Ron
Chelan Fruit
CPC International Apple Company
DDD Orchards
Dolby, Lalena
Dunn, Kailan & Marissa
Fenich, Randall
First Fruits Marketing LLC
FruitSmart Inc
Fulton, Nate
Galbreath, Scott
Gebbers Farms & Warehouse
Groves, Cory & Tami
Holt, James & Vicki
Homchick Smith & Associates PLLC
HR Spinner Corporation
Huber, Danelle
JJ Orchards
Kenoyer Orchards
Manterola, Kelcey
Mike Grubbs Orchards LLC
Mortimer, Paul & Mary Starr
Newman, Brad & Clover
Perry, Thomas & Val
Pringle, Ruth
Reyes Market LLC
Roche Fruit Ltd
Roy Farms Inc
Sand, Brian & Diane
Smith, Sharon & Ken
Unitec USA
Valley Tractor & Equipment
Velazquez, Xochitl
Wilbur-Ellis Company
Willett, Chris & Jennifer
Zirkle Fruit Company
AgroFresh Inc
Allan, George & Kay
Antles Pollen
Bailey, Richard & Lynne
Belrose Inc
Berdan Orchards LLC
Bergstrom, LaVerne & Tom
Bleyhl Co-Op
Blue Bird Inc
Chamberlin Agriculture
Cider Works Farms
Cobia, David
Columbia Valley Fruit LLC
Concord Construction Inc
Cowiche Growers Inc
DAC Consulting Inc
DD&L Orchards
Douglas Fruit Co Inc
Eric and Sue Olson LLC
Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
Gebers, Bart
Gix, Robert
Hale, Thomas
Hansen Fruit Company
Homchick, Craig & Maureen
Jon-Jul Orchards LLC
Keyes Packaging Group
Kunkel, Tom & Paula
Matson Fruit Company
McDevitt Orchard Inc
McKenzie, Terri
Mertes, Louise
Miller, Adam
Monson Fruit Company
Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Myers, Tom
North Valley Mechanical Inc
Olympic Fruit Company
Ortiz Villagrana, Ruth
Paganelli, Greg
Price, Tyler
Russell Orchards
Sax, Leo & Pat
Sharratt, Gene & Carol
Shindler, Craig
Strand-Allen Inc
Strausz Clement, John
Strausz, Kenneth & Kristina
Thomson, David
Valent USA Corporation
Washington State Tree Fruit Association
White Sands Orchards LLC
White, Janet
Yakima County Farm Bureau
Yakima Fruit & Cold Storage Company
Zediker, Steve & Ruth
up to $100
Atkinson, Charles
Automated Ag Systems
Conover Insurance Services LLC
DVW Orchards Inc
Fishburn, Erin
Fisk, Bud & Barbara
Graphic Label LLC
GS Long Company Inc
Hagenstom, Pam
Halverson Northwest Law Group PC
Honeybear Marketing LLC
Oregon Wire
Pottratz Orchards
Rubio’s Produce
Sweeney, Kevin
Taylor Orchards LLC
Weyerhaeuser, Drew

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