Volunteer Organization of the Year: Washington State Tree Fruit Association

Volunteer Organization of the Year: Washington State Tree Fruit Association

This year we are thrilled to recognize the amazing team at the Washington State Tree Fruit Association as our Volunteer Organization of the Year. WSTFA team members are first on our call list whenever we need help.

Early on when WSTFA was created through the merger of several other industry organizations, they communicated their continued commitment to being part of WAEF. Since then, staff members of WSTFA have found ways to make a difference to students and industry families using their own unique sets of skills and abilities and take those opportunities to further relationships in the industry.

WSTFA president Jon DeVaney shared this about the organization’s involvement with WAEF, “It may seem a matter of course that industry associations would support WAEF as the official charity of the tree fruit industry. But anyone who has had a chance to meet the talented and motivated students who are supported by the scholarships quickly becomes motivated to do more. Whether it is serving on scholarship review committees, helping prepare care packages for students, or providing volunteer support at WAEF events, whenever WAEF issues a call for volunteers our team responds with an enthusiastic “yes!”.”

Earlier this month the WSTFA and WAEF staffs got together for an enjoyable lunch for the first time in our associations’ histories. It meant a lot to the WAEF staff to get to say thank you for all they’ve done to help further the foundation’s mission.

Past Organization Volunteers of the Year include Moss Adams, Rabo AgriFinance, Kershaw Companies, AgroFresh, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Washington Fruit & Produce, Stemilt Growers, and CMI Orchards.

Our thanks to the staff at WSTFA for making a difference to WAEF and to the leadership at WSTFA for encouraging and supporting industry camaraderie!

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