Washington Apples License Plate

Washington Apples License Plate

Add you name to the petition sharing your support of the plate honoring Washington apple growers and supporting student success through WAEF – ipetition.

In the 2020 legislative session, the Washington Apple Commission with support from Senator Brad Hawkins is proposing the creation of a Washington state license plate recognizing the importance of the apple industry in Washington state. If the specialty plate becomes available, each sale of the plate will benefit students through WAEF.

To demonstrate to legislators that Washington residents support the creation of this new specialty plate, we are collecting signatures. The goal is 3500 signatures.

Sign the petition to show your support! ipetition

(Once you click “sign petition” a screen will populate asking for a financial contribution benefiting the petitions process. This does NOT support this particular effort. We are not asking for or encouraging donations to the site.)

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