U.S. Bank Foundation Supports WAEF Students

U.S. Bank Foundation Supports WAEF Students

Since 2003, U.S. Bank Foundation has been investing in student success through WAEF.  This year, the foundation increased its support granting a $15,000 gift to support college success of students from fruit growing regions in Washington.

Laurie Knebusch, WAEF chairman, met with Community Bank President Lane Brown of U.S. Bank last week in Yakima.  She shared appreciation on behalf of WAEF for the over $100,000 the bank has provided to students.  These funds make it possible for WAEF to offer student support services impacting graduation rates and career preparation.

“I am pleased we can provide this level of support to young people from fruit growing communities.  U.S. Bank has a history of investing in projects we believe in such as our next generation of community & tree fruit industry innovators and leaders,” Lane Brown commented on behalf of the bank’s gift to WAEF.

These funds will help support WAEF students, the majority being first-generation college students.  This population of students begins college with many risk factors for leaving college prior to degree completion.  Only 26% of first-generation, low-income students across the nation graduate from college within six-years.   With support from donors and volunteers, over 90% of WAEF scholarship recipients graduate from college with over 70% achieving that milestone in four or fewer years. Last year 50% of WAEF students graduated from college with career jobs lined up.

Outreach for WAEF students focuses on encouragement to on-time degree completion, career exploration, and professional development.  Activities occur year-round and include workshops held live and virtually, career tours, coordination of care packages, health & wellness events, mentoring and more.

Our appreciation to U.S. Bank Foundation officials for selecting WAEF for this generous grant!

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