Today is the Day!

Today is the Day!

Our wait is finally over and we are so excited!! You can now order Washington Apples specialty license plates.

How do you do this? You have two options for ordering your plates. The first is to download the form from the state DOL website and return it to them via the USPS. Instructions for that are below.

The second option is to order through a local vehicle licensing office. This link provides information on office locations and service hours. Local offices can assist you with ordering new plates, transferring old plates and securing personalized plates. If you have less than six months remaining before your next tab renewal, they can also provide potential renewal savings information.

To order through the Washington State DOL website, go to the WA DOL website link and locate the image of the Washington Apples license plate to find the form. Once completed and signed, the form may be mailed to the state DOL office in Olympia with your check for $77.25.

Want to personalize your plate? Farm names, family names, favorite apples varieties and special numbers can all be used to make your Washington Apples license plates even more special This link takes you to the state site with guidelines to create personalized plates.

More information is available on the WAEF website at There you can find FAQs and links to the Washington State DOL website. Feel free to contact us at (509) 663-7713 if we can provide additional assistance.

Once your plate arrives, be sure to let us know! Use #ApplePlates and post on WAEF social media sites (links below). Visit our website,, to complete the tax form so we can mail a receipt to you for the portion of your license plate purchase donated to WAEF ($28).

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