Anika Grubbs Recognized as Alumni Volunteer of the Year for 2020

Anika Grubbs Recognized as Alumni Volunteer of the Year for 2020

Saturday night was a very special event for WAEF. We got to announce to Anika Grubbs that she was our Alumni Volunteer of the Year. With the help of the Grubbs’ family, we made the surprise announcement to Anika at what she thought was a dinner out event with her family to celebrate her birthday.

Anika received a scholarship from WAEF in 2005, the year she graduated from Eastmont High School. Anika utilized her scholarship at Harvard where she studied in a pre-law field. She completed her law degree at Georgetown and worked in the legal field on the east coast for several years.

Upon her return to the west coast she connected with WAEF to inquire about volunteer opportunities and other ways she could give back and make a difference to kids from her home region. In pre-Covid days, Anika participated in student workshops and scholarship selections in person. In 2020, we relied upon her even more with monthly student mentoring, presenting in a career exploration workshop, and scholarship renewal interviews, all occurring at a distance.

In addition to her encouragement of students, Anika provides a positive boost to WAEF staff whenever we get to interact with her.

Currently, Anika is employed as a corporate attorney for Amazon in Seattle.

She is the daughter of growers Mike and Teresia Grubbs of East Wenatchee. Her proud brother Garrett coordinated the surprise event for her Saturday evening.

Annually WAEF recognizes an Alumni, Organization and Individual Volunteers of the Year for their efforts to make a difference. Last week we got to share that CMI Orchards was our Organization Volunteer of the Year. Later this week we’ll share the Individual Volunteer of the Year. In years past the announcements have all occurred simultaneously at a volunteer appreciation event.

WAEF relies on nearly 200 volunteers each year to assist with scholarship selections, student outreach, governance and fundraising.

Our sincere appreciation to each of the volunteers that participate with WAEF and those that surround them and support their involvement.


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