Congratulations WAEF Graduates

Congratulations WAEF Graduates

Six WAEF students graduated this term! There are lots of reasons for students to lose focus right now. We are so proud of WAEF scholarship recipients for staying on track with their goals for the future!


Caiden Riggan
Perry Technical Institute
Major: Instrumentation and Automation
Post-graduation employment: Gebbers Farms

Cesar Cuevas
Washington State University
Major: Fruit & Vegetable Management
Post-graduation employment: CPC International Apple Company

Connor Duim
Wenatchee Valley College
Major: Tree Fruit Management
Post-graduation employment: Duim Farms

Jaqueline Velazco
Major: Washington State University
Elementary Education
Post-graduation employment: Pasco School District substitute teaching

Jose Segura
Perry Technical Institute
Major: Electrical
Post-graduation employment: currently seeking

Miriam Rodriguez
Wenatchee Valley College
Tree Fruit Management
Post-graduation employment: Prey Orchard

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