Stemilt Internships!

Internships open in IT, accounting, research & development, crop consulting, production, and sales.  Amazing opportunities!  All positions are paid.  Some include student intern housing, if needed.

Job/Internship Descriptions:


Ag Services

Grower Accounting

IT Support





To apply, visit the Stemilt website:  In the top search box titled "What" search "Intern" (without quotes).  Each of the opportunities listed above will populate.  When you're ready, hit "apply" on the upper right.  This will take you to their secure application site.  Follow the steps. 

You will need to submit a resume and a cover letter.  If you want help with these, let me ( know ASAP!  We will work with you through out office or with one of our volunteers.  This will take a bit of time so if you're interested, get on it right away!