May Newsletter

-Finals Week Survival-


You have made it, almost! Finals week is quickly approaching or for some of you, you are right in the thick of it! While you may feel like there is no way you will ever make it to summer break, YOU WILL! Below you will find some simple tips and reminders to help make finals week a bit more manageable (the first three are the most simple, and probably the easiest ones for us to ignore!).

1.     SLEEP! At this point you probably want to set up a temporary bed in the library, but don’t. Taking time to sleep will actually help you retain information you have been working so hard to remember. If you must pull an all-nighter, make sure you are making time to nap before you have an exam.

2.     HYDRATE! You know all those coffee and energy drinks you have been consuming to keep you from sleeping (see #1), they are actually dehydrating you. Dehydration can cause you to be sleepier and can give you headaches, neither are good when you need to keep studying. I am in no way saying give up caffeine, but do make sure you are balancing your caffeinated drinks with water!

3.     EAT HEALTHY! Food is your body’s form of fuel. When you feed your body unhealthy foods it doesn’t perform as well as it could. While tasty, and easy, cookies, pizza, cheeseburgers, etc. will actually hurt you in the long run. Try to get in three full meals a day and snacks in between. Snacks like yogurt, fruit, granola bars, nuts, and beef jerky will help keep you full and focused during those marathon study sessions/exams.

4.     PRIORITIZE! Finals week can be so overwhelming because it feels like everything has to happen all at once, and well it kinda does. Sit down and write out a plan. Which exam is first? What may be your hardest exam that you will need to put the most effort into studying for? Do you have projects or papers that could be finished and taken off your plate early? Pick a few things to work on at a time and finals week will seem much more manageable.

5.     TAKE BREAKS! Studying non-stop with no breaks is not helpful for your learning. Study, and then take a break to let your mind absorb the information. This will help you be more motivated to continue to study if the rewards are small breaks to focus on things you enjoy doing.

6.     EXERCISE! By just doing 30 minutes of exercise a day you will help relieve stress, increase your ability to focus, give yourself more energy, and release those feel good endorphins! Do some yoga, head outside and take a walk or a jog, play a game of basketball, just get up and move!

7.     BE POSITIVE! A lot of stress comes from the way we are talking to ourselves. Don’t set yourself up for failure, by telling yourself you will never get a good grade on your exam. Think positively and realistically. Remind yourself how much you have accomplished this semester and have confidence in the work you have put in up until this point!

Think of finals week as a challenge you know you'll overcome. You have had a finals week before and survived right? This time will be no different. GOOD LUCK, WAEF knows you will do well!


360Alumni Updates

download (2).jpg

-More new jobs and internships posted!! These jobs are only posted for WAEF students and alumni. Take advantage of the searching and networking WAEF does on your behalf and check them out!

What’s going on at WAEF?


-NEW Career Tour! You gave us feedback and WAEF is listening. WAEF will be hosting two half day career tours (with lunch included). June 18th in Wenatchee, and June 19th in Yakima. These tours will have a major focus. Wenatchee’s focus will be Engineering and Agriculture with visits to Van Doren Sales and McDougall and Sons, Yakima’s focus will be Business Administration/Accounting and Production and Horticulture with visits to Moss Adams and Kershaw Companies.

More information on these career tours will be sent to you very soon!

-SCHOLARSHIP LUNCHEONS! Save the date for this important event that celebrates your scholarship as well as the donor that has made it possible. Wenatchee luncheon will take place on Monday July 23rd and the Yakima luncheon will take place on Monday July 30th. More detailed information will be sent to you as the event gets closer.

cashmere valley bank 2.jpg

-Care package addresses went out to volunteers! If you sent WAEF your address, expect to see a care package in the coming months (April/May).

Thank you cards- These packages are put together by our volunteers who spend lots of time and energy on them, and love doing them! Since they are volunteering their time, it is important for them to know how much you enjoyed your package. We don’t know how to precisely track the impact of the thank you notes and emails you send but know they make a big difference when it comes time to renewing care package volunteers and scholarship donors.  We’ve asked volunteers to include a note in the care package identifying who they are with their mailing and/or email address.  PLEASE take the few minutes to send a note directly their way.  They don’t ask for thank yous but absolutely deserve them.

What should you write? 

          Let’s start with the greeting.  If your packages comes from an individual, please address your note to that person, i.e.: with “Dear Ms.      ,”.  If your note comes from a group of people, address the note to the group, such as “Dear Moss Adams,”. 

          Let them know what you’re thanking them for and why it matters to you. “Thank you for the care package!  It means so much to me to know that there are people out there cheering for me.  I shared the delicious treats with my new roommates and have your note of encouragement on my desk.” (Obviously use your own words to match your specific circumstances J)

          Then share about you!  Volunteers are assigned new students each year.  They want to know where you’re from, what year of school you’re in, what’s your major and how did you pick it, and what you want to do with your life.  This can be as superficial or as in depth as you feel comfortable and have time.

          Close with a second “thank you!”

Thank you notes sent through the traditional mail or electronic mail are all welcome! 

For those of you who have sent out your thank yous, we have heard from the volunteers, and they so appreciate hearing from you! It really does mean a lot.


download (3).jpg

We would like to take a second to honor our seniors who graduated this winter or will be graduating this spring. WAEF is so proud of all you have accomplished and continue to accomplish! (If you are senior and do not see your name on this list, it means you need to e-mail Kelsey back!)

Ana Gomez

Austin Reed

Brenda Aparicio

Cesar Guerrero

Darci K. Saucedo

Derek Robinson, after graduation will be employed with Wilbur Ellis

Devin Smith

Elisabeth Sitio-Herrera

Fernanda Chavez, after graduation will be attending graduate school at EWU

Gerardo Rosales

Grace Martin

Ivonne Villa, after graduation will be substitute teaching in the Pasco School District

Jasmin Flores

Jesus Rivera

Jesus Heredia, after graduation will employed with G.S. Long Company

Jesus Ramirez, employed at Washington Fruit and Produce

John Haas, after graduation will be employed with Wilbur Ellis

Karla Bahena

Kimberly Vazquez, will be employed as a teacher for the 2018-2019 school year.

Librado Barajas Jr.

Luz Maria Silva, employed at Allan Brothers

Magdaleno Jesus Rodriguez, after graduation will be employed with Washington Fruit and Produce

Melisa Sanchez-Leyva

Nancy Tovar-Garcia

Natalie Beall

Osvaldo Castro, employed with Yakima Air Compressor and Equipment

Raul Arroyo, after graduation will be attending graduate school at WSU.

Riley Martin

Rubid Portillo

Sandra Mendoza

Seleni Bueno

Shelby Dietrich

Stephanie Badillo-Sanchez

Stephanie Gutierrez

Thalia Bustos, employed as a bank teller

Esmeralda Gonzalez-Arroyo

WAEF is excited to continue to follow your journey! Be on the look out for specific information on the luncheons that will be sent to you.



Alejandro Ramos

Alondra Ayala

Alonso Ruiz Martinez

Anahi Rodriguez Garcia

Casey Jackson

Cesar Cuevas

Citlalli Rodriguez

Daisy Montejano

Delaney Struzel

Esmeralda Gonzalez-Armenta

Fernando Rodriguez

Carolina Calderon

Jesse Gomez

John Haas

Juan Rivera-Macias

Marcos Quiroz

Marisol Vargas

Rachel Hawkins

Sahian Cruz


Amairani Martinez

Amarilis Santiago

Austin Radebaugh

Brenda Castaneda

Derek Robinson

Heidy Granados Lopez

Itali Bautista

Jessica Puente Arroyo

Jesus Heredia

Katia Perez

Katie Grubb

Kimberly Vazquez

Marcos Cardenas

Maribel Andrade

Michelle Adame

Omar Calderon

Ryan Groeneweg

Sami Everhart

Sandra Larios

Stephanie Badillo-Sanchez

Yvette Llamas


Ana Gomez

Brian Hawkins

Cameron Cupp

Daisy Angeles

Edgar Ramirez

Elisabeth Sitio-Herrera

Esmeralda Ochoa

Gabe Tyrrell

Grace Martin

Hugo Mata

Isabelle Wilkinson

Jasmin Flores

Jennifer Perez

Jesus Mendoza

Jesus Ochoa

Joel Chavez

 Johnathan Bobadilla

Jorge Gordillo

Jose Torres-Arellano

Lacey Desserault

Luis Cortez

Jesus Rodriguez

Mariana Ramirez

Natali Amador

Natalie Padilla

Omar Alegria Soto

Sayexi Martinez

Shelby Dietrich

Thalia Bustos


Alejandro Tinoco Pio

Alondra Torres Tapia

Austin Reed

Brenda Avina

Carlos Olmos

Chance Messer

Claudia Selene Cervantes

Coraima Gomez

Cynthia Hernandez-Farfan

Darci K. Saucedo

David Mejia Juarez

Edgar Apolinar

Edgardo Quiroz

Estephanie Mendoza

Ilse Leyva Manzanarez

Jade Pettibone

Miguel Rivera

Oscar Lita Moreno

Roberto Guerrero

Rubid Portillo

WAEF wishes you all a very happy birthday!



This is the last newsletter for the 2017-2018 school year! Newsletters will begin again in September 2018! We hope you enjoy your summer break and look forward to seeing you at the scholarship luncheons this July.