April Newsletter


S O C I A L   M E D I A

Finding a job in today’s job market is very different than it was ten years ago. Instead of waiting to find jobs in local newspapers, jobs are now posted everywhere. Similar to the change in where and how jobs are posted, is how employers hire and how potential employees find and communicate with employers.

Today, one of the most effective tools for ‘building your brand’ and networking to find your future career is, social media. This should come as no surprise to you! What may be the most surprising part of this is just how much your social media accounts can play into landing the job of your dreams or not even getting that first call interview for the position. With social media playing a such a large roll in your future career, it’s time to take a look at your accounts and prep them for your future or current job hunt!

1.   Keep it Professional-

·        This one is a no brainer. Questionable photos and posts (this includes ones you share!)? Delete them, and steer clear of them in the future. Unsure if the post is questionable? Try the newspaper test. Would you like this on the front page of your town’s newspaper? If not, get rid of it! Questionable posts include posts with bad language, racist or defamatory statements, inappropriate photos, whining excessively, or extreme political views. TIP: Check your privacy settings and make sure you are approving friends posts before they become public on your social media accounts.

2.  Match up your Information/Make Sure It’s Complete -

·        Your information on your Facebook and Twitter should not be different than your information on your LinkedIn. Inconsistencies about your school, job history, etc. do not look good to someone looking to hire you. While you are going through and checking this information, make sure you have a complete profile. Having nothing for employers or recruiters to see is just as bad as oversharing information.

3.   Make sure your E-mail is Easy to Find-

·        Don’t make employers search for way to contact you if they are interested. Make sure your contact information is updated and it easy for someone who wants to hire you to find. While you are at it, your e-mail should be something professional, cutiepiez156548641231@gmail.com is no longer an acceptable e-mail address.

4.   Join Career Focused Groups-

·        This is especially true on LinkedIn. Joining groups that have a focus on an industry you want to be apart of are very beneficial. Recruiters may visit these groups to look for qualified candidates. Do the same thing on Facebook and Twitter. Follow groups related to your career path to keep in the know of important issues and topics.

5.   Professional Profile Photo-

·        Having a professional headshot is vital for LinkedIn. Use this same photo for your Twitter. You don’t necessarily need to use this same photo for Facebook, but it wouldn’t hurt. Lucky for you, WAEF hires a professional photographer at the scholarship luncheons every year to take headshots for each student, FOR FREE! Take advantage of that!

6.   Search, Search, Search-

·        Now that you have updated and cleaned up all your social media, use these sites to find a job! It is rare that recruiters will just simply reach out to you, while you sit back. Be actively looking for jobs and reaching out to people about opportunities. This includes searching hashtags for opportunities, following job boards, and networking with people in industries you want to break into.


Cleaning up your social media does not mean removing all your personality from your social pages, but with 65% of employers acknowledging they use some type of social media to make their hiring decisions, it is worth your time. So, go out, get social and land that job with the help of your social media accounts!

360Alumni Updates

-More new jobs and internships posted!! These jobs are only posted for WAEF students and alumni. Take advantage of the searching and networking WAEF does on your behalf and check them out!


What’s going on at WAEF?'

-NEW Career Tour! You gave us feedback and WAEF is listening. WAEF will be hosting two half day career tours. June 18th in Wenatchee, and June 19th in Yakima. These tours will have a major focus. Wenatchee’s focus will be Engineering and Agriculture, Yakima’s focus will be Business Administration/Accounting and Production and Horticulture.


More information on these career tours will be sent to you soon!

-If you filled out your renewal application, notice of your scholarship will be sent out this month.

-Care package addresses went out to volunteers! If you sent WAEF your address, expect to see a care package in the coming months (April/May).


Thank you cards

These packages are put together by our volunteers who spend lots of time and energy on them, and love doing them! Since they are volunteering their time, it is important for them to know how much you enjoyed your package. We don’t know how to precisely track the impact of the thank you notes and emails you send but know they make a big difference when it comes time to renewing care package volunteers and scholarship donors.  We’ve asked volunteers to include a note in the care package identifying who they are with their mailing and/or email address.  PLEASE take the few minutes to send a note directly their way.  They don’t ask for thank yous but absolutely deserve them.

What should you write? 

          Let’s start with the greeting.  If your packages comes from an individual, please address your note to that person, i.e.: with “Dear Ms.      ,”.  If your note comes from a group of people, address the note to the group, such as “Dear Moss Adams,”. 

          Let them know what you’re thanking them for and why it matters to you. “Thank you for the care package!  It means so much to me to know that there are people out there cheering for me.  I shared the delicious treats with my new roommates and have your note of encouragement on my desk.” (Obviously use your own words to match your specific circumstances J)

          Then share about you!  Volunteers are assigned new students each year.  They want to know where you’re from, what year of school you’re in, what’s your major and how did you pick it, and what you want to do with your life.  This can be as superficial or as in depth as you feel comfortable and have time.

          Close with a second “thank you!”

Thank you notes sent through the traditional mail or electronic mail are all welcome! 


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WAEF wishes you all a very happy birthday!