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- Interview Preparation -

Some of you may be preparing to graduate, applying for jobs, and preparing for those first few interviews after college, others of you may think preparing for a big interview is something you don’t need to worry about yet. While you may have plenty of time, preparing for interviews does not just mean choosing the best outfit, or making sure you brushed your teeth (although, these things are important too)! There are things that can be done long before HR calls you to schedule that big interview!

Things to do long before your first big interview:

     Identify what you have you sell.

·        An interview is all about selling yourself to a future employer. Identifying your top skills and experiences that relate to the position, before the interview, is important. Having these skills and experiences pre-thought out will help you speak about them clearly and directly without having to think of things on the spot. 

     Prepare a few ‘go to’ questions.

·        At the end of an interview, no matter who or where it is for, they generally ask you if you have any questions. Here’s a chance to show the interviewer your strategic thinking skills. Instead of questions like “Tell me about working here”, try “I would like to know more about the company’s culture and values, would you mind sharing those with me”. Having a list of three rehearsed questions will help them seem much more natural and help you be more confident!

     Practice, practice, practice!

·        Practice interviewing out loud with friends, family, mentors, etc. The more you can hear yourself answering interview type questions, the more confident you will be in what you are saying! If you say something weird in the practice, no problem, you will know not to say that during your real interview!

You get the call; your big interview is coming up! Things do:

    Plan ahead when scheduling your interview.

·        When scheduling your interview, make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to get yourself ready, and travel to the interview. If it can be helped, do not schedule your interview on a day when you have several other commitments. Feeling rushed is never good for anyone!

   Get primped for the interview.

·        Make sure you look your very best! Overdressing will always be better than underdressing for an interview. Google interview outfits to see what other people are wearing, and what is appropriate. When you look good, you are automatically more confident!

    Do your homework.

·        Not your actual school work, although that is important to! Do your homework on the company or organization you will be interviewing with. Checking out their website and reading a bit about them would be the minimum amount of research you should do. The more you know the better you are prepared for questions they will ask you.

While this list doesn’t include all the ways to prepare for an interview, it offers a great start! Don’t forget, you will make mistakes! Do not dwell on these mistakes! No one leaves an interview thinking it was perfect. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be, and the better your interview will be!



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4.     The real me will shine through in my interview no matter what I am wearing, jeans or a suit. True or False?

5.     I should always make my ideal salary known in the first interview, there’s no point in beating around the bush. True or False?

6.     Sending a thank you card is an important way for to make yourself stand out, whether you want the job or not. True or False?

7.     Being fashionably late to an interview is okay. It shows the interviewer that I’m not desperate for the job. True or False?

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