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We hear all the time that internships are a very important part of the job hunt, but why? Isn’t my degree I spent four years (or more) working on enough? The honest and tough answer is, no it isn’t. While taking on one more thing in your already busy schedule can seem a bit overwhelming, there are several reasons why it is a wise choice for you and your future career.


1.   Employers want to see that the new employees they are hiring have some experience (resume builders!).

·        Experience will always be a factor in the hiring process. The more experience you have the better and more likely chance you will be hired over another candidate. Internships are impressive resume builders that can help you get that first interview.

2.   Internships allow you to take your career plan for a “test drive”.

·        You graduate high school, head off to college, and suddenly you are declaring a major (aka what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life)! That’s a pretty important decision to make without any other knowledge than what you hope to do with that degree. Internships allow you to see different work environments, and a variety of jobs that could be done with your degree. Not what you had hoped your path would be? Good news, you can change it up without being stuck in a job you don’t enjoy.

3.   You will build new skills that can’t be taught in the classroom.

·         Building your professional social skills, real world problem solving skills, teamwork, and leadership skills, can be difficult to do in the classroom setting. In an internship you are able to sharpen or develop all these skills and much more. Another way to boost your skills section on your resume!

4.   It may lead to a job offer!

·        While you should not go in to an internship expecting a job offer, it is fairly common for companies to offer full time employment to interns who have had a successful experience with them. If a job offer isn’t made, a very valuable recommendation for a future job, could be a positive outcome.


You may be thinking, ‘okay I know that internships are important, I hear it all the time! I need to know HOW to get one.’

1.     Visit your college’s career center; They may have leads on internships based on their connections with employers who send them opportunities.

2.     Visit 360Alumni or contact the WAEF office; we are in the process of working with a variety of HR professionals to help them post their internships and summer employment with us. Be on the look out for new postings as spring gets closer.

3.     Utilize the connections you have already made; did you attend the WAEF Summer Luncheon, Holiday Luncheon, Career Tours? During those events you were able to network with a variety of professionals, use those connections you made to help you secure an internship opportunity. The people attending those events want to help you succeed, so utilize them!

4.     Career Fairs; if your school is hosting a career fair, you need to be there! Not only will you find out information about different careers, you can find out more information on the internships that are offered in your area of interest.

5.     Look at company websites; if there a company you are interested in working for, check out their employment section online. They may have internship opportunities posted for you to view.

If you have participated in an internship, great! If you haven’t, set a goal of submitting at least one resume for an internship before spring break. Easy, and your future job-seeking self will thank you!

360Alumni Updates

-2017-2018 Scholarship Renewal is now OPEN and posted on 360Alumni under the Events section. This is not an actual event you need to attend, but 360Alumni is the only place the link is posted so you can easily access the renewal application. Questions about whether or not you qualify? E-mail or call Talia at talia.barajas@waef.org or (509)663-7713.

DEADLINE is JANUARY 15th, 2018



-New jobs and internship opportunities are being posted every day. Check in often as this time of the year is when companies begin thinking about their summer opportunities!

Mentorship Opportunities

We have heard from several of you that mentorships are of interest to you. WAEF is continuing to find people to become mentors to meet this need. On 360Alumni you will now find that this section is called Professional Resources. While the people listed on 360Alumni could be a mentor for you, they are also available to simply answer questions, or do a onetime informational interview. They are there for you to utilize however you need. Below you will find two of the mentors/professional resources currently listed on 360Alumni. They are ready for you to reach out to them with your questions!


Nate Rubio: is the Human Resource Director for Washington Fruit and Produce farm locations. Nate has a bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and a masters degree in Business Administration from Eastern Washington University.

Nate is a former WAEF student, and has been a volunteer with WAEF for the last five years. Nate is a great resource for all students who have questions about HR, hiring, the tree fruit industry, etc.


Jesika Harper: is a Senior HR Generalist at Northwest Farm Credit Services where she is responsible for recruiting, university relations, and corporate wellness. Her agribusiness experience includes work with Cargill and ConAgra Foods. Jesika grew up in Central Washington on her family’s orchard. She is a graduate of Regis University in Denver, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and HR.

Jesika has volunteered at several WAEF events, and most recently, participated in the panel dicussion on internships at the WAEF summer luncheon. She is an excellent resource for internship, hiring, and resume questions.

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What’s going on at WAEF?

~Surveys about career centered events have gone out! Please take time to fill out this survey honestly so we are able to create career events that are useful to you.

~Add our number to your phone book! WAEF now has the availability to text you reminders for events, or about upcoming deadlines. Just add (509) 663-7713 to your phone book so you don’t miss important updates. Have questions about the deadline or event? Just reply to our message and we will be able to answer them for you.


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