November Newsletter


Career Planning

For some of you, entering the ‘working world’, may seem like a long way away, but it is never too early to begin planning for the career you want, or exploring careers that may interest you.

To begin the process of exploring careers that would best fit your personality and wants, check out the steps below!

1.   Visit your college career centers

Do not wait until your senior year to check out your college’s career center. These centers will help you with everything from choosing a major, finding internships, writing a resume, preparing to job search, mock interviews, etc. Take advantage of these resources early, to make sure you are entering a profession that you enjoy. Unsure of what your career services center does? Visit your school’s website and search career services, or contact Kelsey Martinson at and she can help you find information or a contact at your school’s career center.

2.   Assess your skills and personality

Your personality, skills, values and interest all effect the types of careers you may be interested in. Take time to explore these things about yourself to help you decided on a career or major that is right for you.

· (Enter your interests and this assessment will give you your top career choices)

3.   Explore careers related to your chosen major

Already decided on a major? Great! Do you know what you are going to do with major in the ‘real world’? If not, it’s time to start thinking about that. Some ways to do that include;

·        Information interviews with people in a profession you are interested in.

·        Visit to help you find out what careers people are doing with your same major.

·        Apply for internships in a field that matches your needs and wants in a career. Internships will help you learn what you like and do not like about certain professions and working environments.

·        Visit (to explore what careers will be in demand and want type of salary you can expect from them)

4.   Participate in career activities

·        Many college and universities sponsor career fairs where you can meet and learn about a variety of employers.

·        WAEF hosts Career Tours in December, and is an excellent way for you to see and experience a variety of career options.

5.   Make sure all workplaces experiences are successful ones.

No matter what type of work or volunteering you are doing while in college, it is all important, and should be taken seriously. These employment or volunteer opportunities can all be used on your resume when you graduate, which is helpful because you may not have a great deal of experience.

360Alumni Updates


Don’t miss out on the opportunities that are being posted, and are just for you!!

-4 Job/Internship opportunities

-10 Professional Resources/Mentors ready to connect and answer questions you may have or provide other types of assistance to you! WAEF’s professional resources come from a variety of backgrounds including; Accounting, Non-profit management, Human Resources, Communications, Sales, Law, Orchard Management, etc.

-2017-2018 Scholarship Renewal is now OPEN and posted on 360Alumni under the Events section. This is not an actual event you need to attend, but 360Alumni is the only place the link is posted so you can easily access the renewal application. Questions about whether or not you qualify? E-mail or call Talia at or (509)663-7713

What's Going on at WAEF?

Holiday Lunches will be taking place on December 19th in Wenatchee and December 20th in Yakima!

Career Tours- will be held on December 21st for both Yakima and Wenatchee. For those of you who have not attended career tours before, these tours are a time to explore a variety of diverse job opportunities, job environments, and ask questions about an assortment of career paths.

Keep an eye out for both events to be posted on 360Alumni soon!


Thank you cards- If you sent us your address by the deadline, you have received or will be receiving a care package! These packages are put together by our volunteers who spend lots of time and energy on them, and love doing them! Since they are volunteering their time, it is important for them to know how much you enjoyed your package. We don’t know how to precisely track the impact of the thank you notes and emails you send but know they make a big difference when it comes time to renewing care package volunteers and scholarship donors.  We’ve asked volunteers to include a note in the care package identifying who they are with their mailing and/or email address.  PLEASE take the few minutes to send a note directly their way.  They don’t ask for thank yous but absolutely deserve them.

What should you write? 

 Let’s start with the greeting.  If your packages comes from an individual, please address your note to that person, i.e.: with “Dear Ms.      ,”.  If your note comes from a group of people, address the note to the group, such as “Dear Moss Adams,”. 

Let them know what you’re thanking them for and why it matters to you. “Thank you for the care package!  It means so much to me to know that there are people out there cheering for me.  I shared the delicious treats with my new roommates and have your note of encouragement on my desk.” (Please use your own words to match your specific circumstances!)

Then share about you!  Volunteers are assigned new students each year.  They want to know where you’re from, what year of school you’re in, what’s your major and how did you pick it, and what you want to do with your life.  This can be as superficial or as in depth as you feel comfortable and have time.

Close with a second “thank you!”

Thank you notes sent through the traditional mail or electronic mail are all welcome! 


At the end of the summer, all students who have shown interest in entering the tree fruit industry, were invited to submit an essay to qualify for the Carl Perleberg Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship covers room, meals, and travel expenses for students to travel to and attend the Washington Tree Fruit Industry’s Annual Meeting on December 4th-6th. The submission deadline was October 15th and the recipients of the award were notified at the end of October.

Congratulations to John Haas, Cesar Cuevas, and Magdaleno Rodriguez for being chosen for this award!



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 WAEF wishes you all a very happy birthday!!