October Newsletter



Budgeting is an important skill, not only now in college, but throughout your entire life.

Some important words to note when discussing a plan for your expenses;

          Income: The amount of money earned from wages or other sources.

        Budget: A plan on how you will cover your expenses with your available income.

The American Bankers Association’s recommended budget can be seen below:


While setting up a budget based on these guidelines may seem like a difficult or dull task, but tracking your income and expenses will go a long way in trying to keep your finances in order!

Budgeting information pulled from; ‘Budgeting for the Real World’ presentation provided to WAEF by Washington Trust Bank.

Some quick tips to manage your money:

1.     Be realistic about needs vs. wants

2.     Always guess high for expenses, you will be happy when you end up having extra money.

3.     Always guess low for income, again you will be happy when you have extra!

4.     Review and revise your budget based on changing income or expenses.

5.     Forgive yourself if you don’t follow your budget perfectly, you may overspend now again, just make sure to get back to your plan!

Tips revised from: http://www.cicmoney101.org/Articles/Paying-For-College-10-Budgeting-Tips.aspx


Check out these helpful and easy to use apps to help yourself stick to your plan!


-You Need a Budget




There is lots of activity happening on WAEF’s 360Alumni site! If you haven’t been checking in, you may miss out on some great opportunities.

-6 Job/Internship opportunities

-7 Professional Resources/Mentors ready to connect and answer questions you may have or provide other types of assistance to you!



-2017-2018 Scholarship Renewal is now OPEN and posted on 360Alumni under the Events section. This is not an actual event you need to attend, but 360Alumni is the only place the link is posted so you can easily access the renewal application. Questions about whether or not you qualify? E-mail or call Talia at talia.barajas@waef.org or (509)663-7713

What’s going on at WAEF?

Regional dinners are coming up! Check below for the date and location of your dinner.

Ellensburg- 10/3/17 Ellensburg Pasta Company 6:00pm

Yakima- 10/5/17 Antojitos 6:00pm

Seattle- 10/9/17 The Ram (University Village) 6:00pm

Cheney- 10/17/17 Mason Jar 6:00pm

Wenatchee-10/19/17 South-Pybus Market 6:00pm

*To attend the dinners, please RSVP on 360Alumni under the Events section*

Holiday Dinners will be taking place on December 19th in Wenatchee and December 20th in Yakima!

Career Tours will be held on December 21st for both Yakima and Wenatchee.

More details will be added to 360Alumni soon!

Career Chat with an Alum

Xochitl Velazquez- Lender, Cashmere Valley Bank
WAEF Recipient 2009-2012

When looking to returning to the Wenatchee Valley I looked into different career options, one of them being banking. I wanted a career that related to my field of study, Business Administration, while at the same time allowed me to serve my community. For the past year I have been a Lender for Cashmere Valley Bank. In this role, I have learned about the banking industry but more importantly about managing personal finances and credit. Strong budgeting skills translate into good credit, which is key when applying for a credit card, purchasing an auto or a home.

As a consumer myself, I am more conscious of my financial decisions because they affect my borrowing ability in the future. One of the highlights of being a lender is helping customers with their financial needs, whether that be building their credit, purchasing their first car, or establishing a line of credit for their home improvement projects. I am responsible for seeing the loan process from start to finish. Meeting with customers to discuss credit options is the first step. I am then responsible for gathering the necessary information to begin the loan process, followed by a financial and credit analysis. Lastly, I communicate the loan decision with the customer and meet with them to sign loan documents if the loan is approved. Each loan request is unique, making everyday a learning experience.

Overall this career path has helped me professionally but also on a personal level. I enjoy working with my community members and look forward to learning more about the banking industry.


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WAEF wishes you all a very Happy Birthday!