September Newsletter


T I M E   M A N A G E M E N T

Time management, a term you may hear a great deal in your college career, but how do you manage your time if you feel like you don’t have any time in the first place? Take a deep breath and try out a few of these simple tips WAEF volunteers, and staff used to help them manage their time in college, and hey, they survived so they must be helpful, right?

1.     Create a to-do list at night for the following day so you can get up and get on it right away. – Hannah Poush.

2.     Edit and add to this to-do list throughout the day so you know what needs to be accomplished. – Kailan Dunn

3.     It is OK to make some sacrifices & prioritize what's most important. It doesn't make you any less successful. –Ruth Ortiz

4.     I recommend getting a planner to help plan your classes and any assignments you have –Talia Barajas.

5.      Go to class and do not procrastinate on assignments!!—Nate Rubio

6.     Get a big desk calendar and color code assignments, tests, and extracurricular activities – Xochitl Velazquez

7.     When studying, reward yourself to keep motivated (example: after finishing X number of chapters or problems, giving yourself a 5 minute break)—Abril Lopez

8.     Say no sometimes! Go out and experience everything you can, but sometimes you will need to say no to make sure you are focusing your attention on high priorities, like your education –Kelsey Martinson

360 A L U M N I

Have you set up your account on 360Alumni? If you have great! If you haven’t, you are behind on a requirement for your scholarship. Follow these easy steps and sign up for your account!

1.Select sign up with e-mail

2.Type in first and last name

3.Sign up with your e-mail and create a password

Once you create this account you will have access to our growing site which now includes;

-2 job postings

-5 mentorship postings

-Several groups for you to join and get connected with


What’s going on at WAEF?

Regional dinners are coming up! These dinners a fun and causal time for you to get to see old friends, meet new friends, and most important, be fed! Come as you are, chat, have some fun, and eat!

Pullman- 9/27/17 Nuevo Vallarta 6:00pm

Ellensburg- 10/3/17 Ellensburg Pasta Company 6:00pm

Yakima- 10/5/17 Antojitos 6:00pm

Seattle- 10/9/17 The Ram (University Village) 6:00pm

Cheney- 10/17/17 Mason Jar 6:00pm

Wenatchee-10/19/17 South-Pybus Market 6:00pm

RSVP by going to 360Alumni ( ), all dinners will be listed under ‘Events’. E-mails will be sent out inviting you to the dinner closest to you.

C A R E   P A C K A G E S

Care packages will be coming your way soon! Please send WAEF your updated address where you will receive your mail at college. It is incredibly important that this address is correct so care packages are not returned. Our volunteers spend a great deal of time putting these together, and it is disappointing when they are returned to them. Look out for an e-mail from Kelsey that requests your address and reply as soon as possible!


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WAEF wishes you all a wonderful birthday month!