Harvista Account Manager

Harvista Account Manager 

Company – AgroFresh

A leader in ethylene management and storage processes to the global horticultural and post harvest segment.

Position title: Harvista Account Manager

Department: Sales/Marketing

Reports to: NAR Harvista Commercial Manager

Start Date: May 2015

Contact: Dow HR

The focus of this position is to achieve sales and profitability goals within the defined territory through facilitating effective business planning and market development by establishing direct customer relationships and communication of complex technological and logistical solutions.    

The Harvista Account Manager position is the direct interface with the customer and is tasked to understand the customer’s needs, and then resolve these needs with the company’s technologies and resources.  A Harvista Account Manager maintains a professional appearance, exercises impeccable personal integrity and ethics, and has exceptional communication skills.  The Harvista Account Manager is ultimately responsible for the customer’s satisfaction with our product, processes and service.

The primary responsibilities

1.    Meet and exceed budgeted market share, sales revenue and contribution margin targets by identifying, reporting and innovating new and existing business opportunities in the territory.

  1. Establish a territory management plan and maintain a “target account” list.
  2. Assist all other company employees in their duties, sharing your time, expertise, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm.  In summary, demonstrate a TEAM EFFORT.
  3. Maintain a current market analysis, with market share statistics.
  4. Conduct analysis of the business environment, identify opportunities and communicate this information to the commercial manager.
  5. Manage pricing strategies and ensure alignment with customer segmentation, forecasting and product related strategies determined by the Commercial Manager.
  6. Keep commercial team informed as to your targets, planned solutions and business itinerary through regular communications and weekly reports.
  7. Work closely with Dow Accounting group to manage Accounts Receivables, as the Account Manager is ultimately responsible for keeping customers account current.

We are looking for an individual with the following attributes:

  • A strong understanding of the daily operations and challenges of our customers
  • Ability to understand and assist in implementation of scientific/technical solutions.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness with an intrinsic desire to influence without conflict.
  • Exhibits strong leadership qualities
  • Self-motivated, self starter and highly results orientated, but also a team player.
  • Observe and practice a culture of “safety first”.
  • A desire to innovate and participate in our effort to constantly improve.
  • Efficient time management skills.
  • Highly effective communication skills