Scholarship Training Curriculum

The Washington Apple Education Foundation provides scholarship training to high school seniors raised in Washington's tree fruit growing regions.  The curriculum is based on observations and selection committee input collected over the last 20 years.


WAEF selection committee members spend hours each spring reviewing scholarship applications from outstanding young people.  Unfortunately, not all students present themselves favorably.  Some applications are received incomplete, others illegible, and others missing vital information to seal an award.  At the request of selection committee members, WAEF began offering a scholarship training class to provide the “inside scoop” on award-winning applications.

The 30 minute training class is conducted by WAEF staff and volunteers experienced in reviewing scholarship applications.  The class is made available to all high schools serving students in Washington's tree fruit districts.  It provides students with an overview of information selection committee members pay closest attention to and tips for presenting an application worthy of award money.  Letters of reference, essay, and form completion are topics covered.

The scholarship training sessions can take place inside a classroom during normal class blocks or in a school library, auditorium, etc. outside of school hours, so long as school representatives confirm student attendance in advance.

Scholarship training classes are available in mid-October, November, December and January.  To reserve a time, please contact us at (509) 663-7713 or