Today is the day!

Reminders First! Today is the deadline for all new applicants to submit applications! All forms must be electronically submitted by 11:59pm this evening (March 1st, 2019) and attachments must be postmarked by the USPS with today's date, March 1, 2019, or sent via email by 11:59pm this evening to

 The WAEF scholarship application is at In addition to the electronic form, students must submit a one-page essay, two letters of reference and an official high school and/or college transcript(s). All instructions and details are on the application forms.

 Two applications exist for students:

Vocational/Technical Scholarship Application for students pursuing specific vocational paths (all accredited technical and community colleges.

  1. Universal Scholarship Application for all other students raised in industry families or pursuing industry careers.

Renewal Status Report

The renewal process is still relatively new at WAEF. This is our second year to invite all existing WAEF students to apply for renewal.  This process finishes prior to new student consideration to ensure existing students receive first consideration for scholarship dollars.

Yesterday volunteers serving on the renewal committee met to review proposed awards and discuss outcomes of this year's renewal process and interviews. 

 When existing students apply for renewal, they complete a renewal application, provide a current copy of their college transcripts, and participate in a telephone renewal interview with one of our renewal committee volunteers. During the interview, volunteers inquire about their classes, their involvement in college/community/family/work, and review how students are paying for college currently and their future needs.

 After the telephone interview, renewal committee members determine the following for each student: a specific dollar need of each student for the coming year, a "merit" score based on effort & outcomes, and a recommended funding amount for the coming year. We adopted this process to make sure we're identifying and reaching out to students with needs beyond financial assistance and awarding a scholarship amount that isn't too much or too little, just the amount needed to help a student make it through college.

 This year's renewal pool of students was much larger than last year, our first year. We had 237 students apply for renewal this year and 164 students last year. Both years, nearly all students eligible for renewal applied.

Committee recommendations for renewal funding totaled $812,000 this year. Utilizing funds currently available for scholarships, we were able to fund about $790,000 of that recommended amount. Ideally, we will find/raise additional funds to close that gap. Scholarships for renewing students will make up about 70% of the total scholarship dollars awarded by WAEF this year.

 Renewing students will be notified later this month.

 If you're interested in learning more about starting a scholarship with WAEF, contributing funds to a renewing student or just curious about how it all comes together, we welcome your call or email! Please contact Jennifer Witherbee at (509) 663-7713 or

 A BIG thank you to the volunteers that served on the scholarship renewal committee!

Aaron Cahoon

Anayssa Lemus-Pulido*

Ben Cox

Ben Jensen

Bob Mast

Chris Willett

Cory Groves

Dennis Bigness

Eva Torres

George Velazquez

Jim McFerson

Jose Hernandez*

Ken Ballard

La Verne Bergstrom

Loren Queen

Maria Guerra

Nate Fulton

Nate Rubio*

Tom Howard

Xochitl Velazquez*

Zach Williams

* WAEF scholarship alumni