WAEF Students Are Back To School!


Thank you for sending an impressive and driven group of students off to college this fall! With your support, 307 students are receiving valuable funding through WAEF to achieve their academic dreams. A few stats you might find interesting about this year's awards and recipients...

# of scholarships awarded - 377

Dollar value of awards made - $1,097,560!

# of renewing WAEF students - 160

# of new WAEF students - 147

Top Schools for WAEF students

Washington State University (68 students)

University of Washington (53 students)

Central Washington University (33 students)

Eastern Washington University (20 students)

Wenatchee Valley College (19 students)

Heritage University (14 students)

Perry Technical Institute (13 students)

Yakima Valley Community College (12 students)

Western Washington University (9 students)

College grade level of current WAEF students

Freshmen - 91

Sophomores - 89

Juniors - 58

Seniors - 66

Grad students - 2

First generation college students - 80%

Top career fields for current WAEF students



Social/Criminal Justice





Thank you for making a difference in student lives!