Preparing for the Future- College & Beyond


I love that WAEF not only supports us financially, but also mentally and physically. - comment from a student following this year's workshops

 Last month current WAEF scholarship recipients participated in workshops on topics related to their success in college and beyond. The workshops occurred prior to the Scholarship Celebration Luncheons in both Wenatchee and Yakima.

 The workshops are the products of capable and caring volunteers addressing important topics for student success at college and beyond. Topics are developed with feedback from students following each year's events and through discussions with employers and volunteers about some of the areas they see gaps in applicants' knowledge.

 For the 2018 workshops, students were divided into three learning groups based on graduation date.

Freshman Workshops

Session manager - Talia Barajas, WAEF

  • New Student Orientation - This workshop lets students know what they can expect now that they're a WAEF student and how to maintain and renew funding.  Talia Barajas, WAEF
  • Health & Wellness in College -Provides tips on how to find time to take care of you while still balancing all of your other commitments and school work.  Mareena Pierce, Erica Porterfield and Jess Tyrrell of Confluence Health in Wenatchee and Juanita Silva and Jennifer Vazquez of Virginia Mason Memorial in Yakima
  • Understanding Financial Aid - Session reviews how to understand and make the most of financial aid packages. Michelle Story, Heritage University
  • Budgeting - A basic overview of budgeting concepts and practices to establish good practices in college and beyond. Steve Clive, Washington Trust Bank

Sophomore & Junior Workshops

Session manager - Anika Grubbs, Wenatchee and Ben Jensen, Yakima

  • Health & Wellness in College -Provides tips on how to find time to take care of you while still balancing all of your other commitments and school work.  Mareena Pierce, Erica Porterfield and Jess Tyrrell of Confluence Health in Wenatchee and Juanita Silva and Jennifer Vazquez of Virginia Mason Memorial in Yakima
  • Getting Paid - A real life lesson in the economics of career choices and how they impact long-term goals. Yakima Only.  Riley Mengarelli and Maria Navarro of NW Farm Credit Services
  • Find Your Why - Identifying why you're drawn to types of work and activities help you to develop a meaningful career path. Wenatchee Only. Tiffany Brine
  • What Getting Hired Really Looks Like - Panel of employers discussing candidly how students can present themselves positively through their cover letters, resume, follow up and interviews.  Wenatchee: Zach Williams (Stemilt), Anne Guerrero (Custom Fruit), David Enquist (CliftonLarsonAllen)  Yakima: Trent Fuller (Washington Fruit), Regan Brown (Allan Brothers), Julia Dull (Moss Adams LLP)

WAEF mentor: Alfredo Reyes (Stemilt)  

 Senior Workshops

Session manager - Colleen Malmassari, Wenatchee and Teresa Pritchard, Yakima

  • Building your Brand - The power of networking and tips to go about authentically building a network for professional success. Nate Fulton, PayneWest
  • Preparing for an Interview - Instruction on how to stand out in the interview process and the steps to take pre- and post-interview to secure the job. Yakima Only. Sharon Miracle, Tree Top
  • Professional Social Skills - Interactions within our professional networks have different rules than approved behaviors with friends and family. Colleen Malmassari, Stemilt Growers in Wenatchee and Teresa Pritchard in Yakima

WAEF mentor: Emily Bautista-Herdt (AgroFresh)  


Over 150 students have already responded to our survey request for information on their take-aways form the luncheon and what we can do in the future to better serve their needs. They had LOTS of valuable comments to share! 


Here are just a few:

 It was a great experience. All the workshops had an eye opener for each presentation and made me think twice about my choices that I will be making for entering my freshmen year of college.

 Overall, the presentations were presented well and I learned a lot through the workshops I attended. I especially liked "Getting Paid," I learned so many things that I had never thought about in selecting my career.

 My workshop experience was very educational! I'm glad we had this workshop because this will help me be more prepared and be more professional throughout my career. I am very grateful for the WAEF foundation. Thanks for the opportunity.

 All of the workshops were extremely resourceful and will really help me as I manage my first time in a college setting and living alone.

 If there could be more people of color presenting workshops. I would like to see people like me and most recipients telling us their experience in their careers.

 If it were easy, everyone would do it. At the end of the day we are the only ones who can make this a possibility.

 These workshops contained helpful information about a variety of things such as health and budgeting tips. As an incoming freshman any advice for college is helpful.

 Workshops towards campus safety would also be helpful.

 What stood out to me was how careful you have to be with spending money. When we were doing the budgeting worksheet we calculated our expenses and our needs and it was an eye opener on how much money we actually do spend when we're with our parents. Entering college this will be a great obstacle but hopefully I will be managing my money well and know how to prioritize my needs and wants.

 The most important take away from the workshops was that overdressing is a good thing. It represents the person in a way, if one is not properly suited it reflects poorly.

Maybe some workshops on internships and how to find them.

 First impressions start before actually meeting anyone face to face. Social media should be used responsibly.

 The importance of networking and how to approach networking situations in a professional manner.

 I feel like the panel where they spoke about choosing a career you actually enjoy was most important to me because it really opened my eyes to how a job could impact you and your family. If you have a job that you don't like you will most likely take that negative energy home and that's where it impacts your energy.

 The most important take away from this workshop was that I am going to become independent in a couple of weeks and need to learn how to take care of myself and be a responsible adult.

 For me everything was very helpful information that every incoming college should know. For me that most important take away was that every speaker said that you should always ask question (never be afraid to ask question) and use for resources.

 I liked all the presenters because they did a good job in making the subject seem more interesting rather than being boring.

 Thank you to our workshop presenters and session managers for making this valuable student resource possible!!