An Inside Look at Industry Careers


Career tours this week! WAEF students had the opportunity to visit Van Doren Sales, McDougall & Sons, Moss Adams and Kershaw Companies earlier this week. (And a quick side tour to see Dr. Nate Reed at AgroFresh with a chemical engineering student!)

 The June tours had a slightly different look and feel from our full career "exploration" tours held in December. In Wenatchee we focused on engineering and ag production and in Yakima on business administration, accounting and ag production. Tours were half-days instead of the full day tours held in December.

 While we didn't get the numbers of students participating we had hoped for, those that took advantage got a great experience!

The Wenatchee tour began Monday with Lars Hakensen at Van Doren Sales. While on site, representatives shared about the full process of designing and building a line. We got to see pieces made from their 3-D printer, visit with engineer Jacob Ellis about his career experience in the three years since college graduation and hear from an ag major working in sales for the company.

 Following a tour of McDougall & Sons newest warehouse with Bryon McDougall , students got to spend over an hour with Stuart McDougall in informal conversation about the direction of the industry, the impact of the political climate and his impressions of the rapid change we are experiencing.

 Our Yakima tour began Tuesday at Moss Adams. Moss Adams campus recruiter Julia Dull put together an informative morning with students learning about public accounting and private accounting, the hours and benefits in the public accounting world, impressions from recent hires Canada Segura and Atinderpal Chana
 of the company and see the internal environment of the office building.

At Kershaw Companies, we learned about food safety, the diversity of work performed by managers in the warehouse and the vast opportunity currently in the tree fruit industry from tour hosts Alex Fickes, Erika Espinoza, Nick Woodard and WAEF alumni Lauren Gonzalez.

 At all locations, professionals shared about the importance of networking, participating in internships, finding the right employment fit and being a valued employee.

 The purpose of the tours is to expose students to opportunities in their home communities, highlight the vast, valuable and expanding roles in the tree fruit industry, assist students in building their professional networks and find inroads for internships and job shadows. They also help to reinforce student motivation to complete college with images and ideas of the life that may await them post-graduation.

 Our thanks to our tour hosts at Van Doren Sales, McDougall & Sons, AgroFresh, Moss Adams and Kershaw Companies!