WAEF Professional Resources

The Washington Apple Education Foundation has a mentorship program which utilizes an online platform to connect students and mentors. This program, called WAEF Professional Resources, allows students to connect with mentors for a variety of purposes. A traditional mentor/mentee relationship could be established, but it could be a WAEF student just has a questions about a degree path, or is seeking a job shadow in a particular industry that a mentor is involved in. This makes the WAEF mentor program a unique one, with student needs, and no set time constraints, as the highest priority.


We would like to thank our mentors who have made the decisions to support WAEF students through offering their time and expertise to them.


Nate Rubio
Nate is the Human Resource Director for Washington Fruit and Produce's farm locations. Nate is a former WAEF student and has been a volunteer with WAEF for the last five years.



Timothy Kovis
Tim is the Communications Manager for the Washington State Tree Fruit Association. Tim brings a variety of unique skills in the event and communication area to WAEF students. Tim has been volunteering with WAEF for two years.


Sarah Jordan
I decided to become a mentor because I am so grateful to my own mentors, whose guidance has encouraged me and supported my career; I am happy to pay it forward to help a student explore and realize their goals.

Sarah runs a law practice that focuses on business advising, estate planning, real estate, and art law. Before practicing law, she worked in the nonprofit industry in communication and fundraising. Sarah was a former WAEF recipient.


Chris Jevne
Chris is the Senior Sourcing Manager for Produce for Walmart Stores, Inc. Chris has been involved with the produce industry in a variety of different roles and brings knowledge and experience of the industry to WAEF students.


Cristina Dickerson
Mentors are a huge part of my career!  "Mentors give career advice: leadership and management skills, and feedback on ways to improve your career.  

Cristina is an Accounting Supervisor for Enterprise Holdings. She is a former WAEF student, who has been actively involved with WAEF for the last two years.

Rolando Martin
Growing up and going through life, if it wasn't for mentors I wouldn't have accomplished half of my goals.

Rolando is the Production Manager at Washington Fruit and Produce. He has been employed with Washington Fruit for seven years and has a vast knowledge of production side of the tree fruit industry.



Emily Bautista-Herdt
I mentor because every student should know they have the potential to be great.

Emily is the SmartFresh Commercial Manager for AgroFresh. She has been a volunteer with WAEF for the last five years, helping with everything from Career Tours to holiday events. Emily brings knowledge of grower relations and agriculture to WAEF students.

Frank Davis
Mentoring WAEF students gives me the opportunity to share what I have learned throughout my career, by bringing a message of hope and encouragement to our students.

Frank is in sales for Washington Fruit and Produce. He has been employed in the tree fruit industry for over seventeen years. Frank also serves on the WAEF board of directors and has taken on a variety of rolls to help students through that position.

Alfredo Reyes
I chose to be a WAEF mentor because I am a true believer of the WAEF program and would like to help the WAEF recipients get the best out of this life changing opportunity.  

Alfredo is the Director of Horticulture for Stemilt Growers. He has been employed within the tree fruit industry for eleven years in a variety of roles. Alfredo is a former WAEF recipient and is now an active alumni member and volunteer.

Jesika Harper
Jesika is a Senior Human Resource Generalist for Northwest Farm Credit Services, where she is involved in recruitment and hiring. Jesika has shared this knowledge with WAEF students previously though scholarship luncheons, and now through mentoring.

Todd Fryhover

Transitioning from student to a professional career path can be daunting, and if I can assist in helping to better prepare our students through mentoring, everybody wins.

Todd is the President of the Washington Apple Commission, which specializes in international marketing of Washington apples. Todd has experience in several areas of the tree fruit industry, which he was able to share with WAEF students during career tours this winter and through mentoring.


Thank you again to all our professional resources who have volunteered their time and energy to help all WAEF students succeed!

Interested in learning more about the WAEF Mentorship/Professional Resources program? Contact Kelsey Martinson at Kelsey.martinson@waef.org