Thank you WAEF Scholarship Committee Members!


This week completes our scholarship selection process. Thirteen volunteers began with us February 1st interviewing returning students for renewal scholarships and another 49 joined us mid-March to begin the process of reviewing new applicants. Over 60 volunteers make this process work!

 Combined, volunteers will select close to 300 students to receive tree fruit industry scholarships in 2018.

 Committee members each contribute 15-30 hours in the review process.  

 We want to take this opportunity to thank each of them for the efforts they put forth to make sure the right student receives each WAEF scholarship.

 Committee members:

Aaron Cahoon

Anayssa Lemus*

Andrew Sundquist

Anika Grubbs*

Bart Gebers

Ben Cox

Ben Jensen

Bob Mast

Brenda Rubio-Cruz*

Bret Pittsinger

Chris Willett

Craig Shindler

Danielle Gibertson

Darrel Riddle

Dennis Bigness

Diane Peebles

Emily Bautista-Herdt

Eva Martinez*

Hans van Someren Gréve

Heather Garcia-Mendoza

Herold Peebles

Janet Schlect

Janie Plath

Jenna Bjur*

Jim McFerson

Josh Heinicke*

Juan Gaytan

Julie Allen

Katie Pauly

Ken Ballard

La Verne Bergstrom

Laurie Knebusch

Mallory Shindler

Manuel Ybarra

Maria Guerra

Mark Stoltz

Mary Jacky

Marycarmen Becerra-Nuñez

Nancy Buck

Nate Fulton

Nate Rubio*

Riley Mengarelli

Ruth Ortiz*

Ruth Pringle

Selene Zapata

Sharon Loos

Shelley Von Essen

Stan Scheumann

Steve Meyer*

Susan Heinicke

Terrence Menagé

Tim Kovis

Tom Howard

Tom Stokes

Welcome Sauer

Xochitl Velazquez*

Yvonne Van Winkle

Zach Williams

*WAEF Alumni

 Next week we get to share with you information about some of the amazing students that surfaced to the top in the selection process. These students did not fit the priorities within one of the existing WAEF scholarship pools but do fit within the scope of the purpose of the industry's scholarship program - assisting kids with strong potential and work ethic raised in industry families attend college. Please take a look at this list of Thursday, April 26th and reach out if you would like to sponsor one of the students.

 Again, thank you to the amazing volunteers that review and select WAEF scholarship recipients!