2018 WAEF Wish List

The 2018 WAEF Wish List is ready for your review!  

 What is the Wish List?  The Wish List is the WAEF scholarship committee's list of highly deserving scholarship applicants that have not been selected for other awards.  Students on the Wish List have demonstrated through their applications that they are ready for college, possess a strong work ethic and are worthy of support.  

 Please take a look at the list and reach out with any questions.  We are looking for scholarship sponsors to commit by Friday, May 4th.  Announcements begin the start of the next week!

 The minimum scholarship size is $1000.  Each award carries the name of the sponsor organization or family.

 Please contact Jennifer Witherbee at (509) 663-7713 or jennifer.witherbee@waef.org.  

Check out the list!  2018 WAEF Wish List

 Thank you!