Wish List

Several years ago, WAEF started what we called our "Wish List" to seek funding for some of the top applicants in our scholarship pool that were not matched with existing scholarships. So there's no confusion, these really are top contenders. Most WAEF scholarships have specific criteria about who can qualify based on the parent employer, the county where a student resides, graduating high school or college the student attends, the field of study a student will pursue and many other types of criteria that are important to the generous donors of each award. Each year we have some outstanding applicants from the tree fruit industry that simply do not fall within our existing award pools.

 And so the Wish List was born. To be placed on the Wish List, a student needs to stand out to scholarship committee members. They do this through their strong academics, purposeful career plan, impressive history overcoming obstacles and/or the character qualities communicated through an application.

 Once a student is identified to be a top contender and it is determined they do not match the criteria for an existing WAEF scholarship, they get placed on the Wish List. A summary of each Wish List student is composed and then distributed through our WAEF Weekly e-newsletter and specifically to a list of donors that have expressed interest in the Wish List.

 We bring this up now to allow some time for new Wish List donors to consider involvement in 2018. The Wish List process goes quickly! This year, Wish List students will be identified following the last scholarship selection committee meeting in late April. The list will be shared with those that have expressed interest on or about April 24th and then through this e-newsletter on April 26th. The deadline for Wish List scholarship donors to respond is May 4th.

 A little more about Wish List scholarships:

·         Wish List donors select their scholarship recipients from the published Wish List,

·         Each Wish List scholarship carries the name of the donor, i.e.: XX Company, XX Family, etc.,

·         The minimum dollar amount for a Wish List scholarship is $1000. The maximum amount for a Wish List student to receive is $3000.

 This year, 25 of our former Wish List scholarship recipients will graduate from college!

 If you are interested in receiving the Wish List just as soon as it is available, please let us know at scholarships@waef.org. We will send the Wish List to you and follow up during the week with updates on the list's progress.

 I welcome the opportunity to visit with you about the Wish List or share information about establishing a WAEF scholarship. Please contact me at (509) 663-7713 or Jennifer.witherbee@waef.org if you would like to chat over the phone or in person about WAEF scholarships.

 Thank you in advance for making college possible for outstanding young people from our industry!