WAEF First Quarter Board Meeting Recap

Last week WAEF directors held their quarterly board of directors meeting at Central Washington University.  This was their first meeting since the full-day retreat held in November.

 The meeting was attended by chairman James Foreman, secretary Chris Willett and directors Darrin Belton, LaVerne Bergstrom, Dan Plath, Bart Gebers, Laurie Knebusch, Frank Davis, Dave Robison, Jeff Fagg, Larry Martin and Cory Groves along with WAEF staff members Jennifer Witherbee and Jillian Rice.

 For one year now, board members have been amassing "points" recognizing their efforts to move forward the WAEF mission.  As much of the work of the board occurs outside of board meetings, the point system was crafted to make sure members were being acknowledged for their meaningful efforts.  Each quarter those with the highest points are recognized.  In the fourth quarter, Dave Robison, Chris Willett, Dan Plath and Jeff Fagg were at the top of the point scale (tie for third place).  Much appreciation was shared for their efforts!

 Since the point system had been in place for a full year, we also got to announce the overall highest point earners.  Our top three point earners received an engraved glass apple for his/her desk and will have the honor of a scholarship awarded in their name.  Congratulations and a big thank you to Chris Willett, Andrew Sundquist and Ruth Pringle (pictured above).

 The main emphasis of this board meeting was follow through on ideas generated at the November meeting.  Following general guidance provided by the board at the retreat, WAEF officers met over the last three months with the outcome a proposed a series of new procedures and policies related to board size, committee chairmanship, committee service and board make-up.  The policies fell under the following general objectives:

1.      Provide a path for board members to effectively serve long-term. 

2.      Ensure board leadership reflects the tree fruit industry with members actively engaged in the industry.

3.      Celebrate the contributions of board members upon their retirement from the board and seek new ways for their involvement.

4.      Involve all board members in ensuring WAEF has adequate financial resources to fulfill its mission.

5.      Follow a transparent process of filling open board seats with members that match current needs.

 In a meeting filled with policy adoptions, two additional were approved:

1.      a policy regarding removal of board members for actions outside of the member's role on the board that could still negatively influence WAEF,

2.    formalizing a policy regarding student behavior that could result in loss of scholarship funding.

 In total, eight new policies, one change to the ByLaws and a new job board member job description were approved.  This might be a new record for WAEF!

 As this was the first meeting of the new calendar year, board members were asked to complete annual commitment forms articulating their personal goals as a WAEF board member.

 The next board of directors meeting occurs on May 17th in Yakima.  This is our annual meeting and elections of new officers and members will occur.

 Current members of the Board of Directors