Industry Career Exploration Tours

Yakima Career Tour Participants

Yakima Career Tour Participants

Wenatchee Career Tour Participants

Wenatchee Career Tour Participants

About 50 WAEF students joined us for this week's career exploration tours in Yakima and Wenatchee. The primary purpose of the tours is to help students learn about the host of amazing opportunities available in their own backyards.

 Employees of Tree Top, Zirkle/Rainier and Stemilt Growers shared about their personal backgrounds, career paths, current work and thoughts about the future. Through them, students got to learn about accounting, supply chain management, finance, HR, IT, research & development, customer service, sales, engineering and much more.

As expected, students were surprised to learn about the variety of opportunities in the industry and the many different types of jobs that exist. And, they were relieved to hear that many currently working in the industry have jobs that do not tightly align with their majors and that their careers have taken several turns as they each discovered their own path.

 The format for each career tour varies based on the location of the tour and interests of students. Generally, part of the day is spent visiting various departments and seeing where people work. Time is also spent in conference rooms and large gathering areas for individual and group presentations about the company, industry and coming technology. A highlight for many students is also the opportunity when volunteers present give tips and insights on how to apply for jobs and internships, network and prepare to work.

We are truly appreciative of the companies that allow us access to their space and employees and the individuals that contribute their time & expertise during the tour. You cannot leave a WAEF career tour without a firm understanding that the tree fruit industry is welcoming, inclusive and focused on the future.

 Special thank you to the following:

Tree Top

Allison Arnett

Andy Juarez

Becky Lowrie             

Carmel Schroder

Cassandra Milden

Dwaine Brown*

Dyann Horton

Karmelle Richards

Kjersten Braaten

Melannie Cleveland

Mike Schrenk

Natali Alfaro

Shirley Orellana

Teri Walton



Amanda Eglin

Andy Tudor

Blaine Markley

Chris Springer

David Marsh                 

Jose Beltran

Randall Swarers

Skyler McFeeley



Andrew Gohl

Brianna Shales

Colleen Malmassari

Darcey Brown

Jessica Simons

Rob Blakey

Sergio Naranjo

Zach Williams*


WAEF volunteers

Chris Willett*

Christopher Van Horn

Danielle Vincent

Frank Davis*

Garrett Bishop

Miles Kohl*

 * Identifies tour coordinators

 Student tours occur in the spring and over the Christmas break.