Driven and Dedicated Carolina Escobedo

Carolina Escobeda.JPG

Last week we got to take a WAEF student to the monthly meeting of the Yakima Pomological Club. This is something we're regularly offering up to our students, but for the obvious reason that they are in school and POM club occurs mid-week, it's been difficult for students to attend. This made it a bigger treat to have Carolina Escobedo attend!

 Carolina is completing her second year at Columbia Basin Community College this year. She'll continue on at CBC next year participating in the school's new bachelors program, Applied Management: Agriculture, for students seeking a career in ag.

 Carolina was born in Nampa, Idaho and at the age of two moved with her parents to Mexico where they lived for 12 years before returning to the US. When they returned, her dad provided for his family of nine children by working for a rancher who grew peas, corn and carrots. Carolina shared that she and her siblings all observed how hard he worked to provide for them.

In addition to being a full-time student, Carolina is a wife and mother to two children ages eleven and four. She shared that she decided to return to college to be a role model to her children and help provide financial stability for her family. First off though, Carolina had to complete her high school diploma. She dedicated herself to that challenge and completed it in one quarter.

Carolina's experience in the industry began by picking cherries. She has also picked apples, wine grapes and peaches. Carolina shared that she reflects back to those times as a teenager working in the orchards and remembers how fun it was to be around hard-working people. Her industry resume also includes working as an HR assistant and an administrative assistant. 

Carolina is motivated by her children and receives support from her husband to pursue her career dreams. Where does she see herself in five years? "In five years, I see myself with my BA in Agriculture and working as an tree fruit agronomist. I would also like my children to see how rewarding it is to work on the agriculture field and that it can help them decide better on what choices to take for their future. If I could do it at my age they can do it too at a younger age. I want to be someone who they look up to."

 We are so appreciative of the opportunities being created for Carolina and others by WAEF donors. Her dedication, motivation and perseverance are to be admired; a woman worthy of support! Thank you for being part of her success!