Fall Priorities for WAEF Staff

WAEF staff: Jennifer Witherbee, Talia Barajas  and Jillian Rice

WAEF staff: Jennifer Witherbee, Talia Barajas and Jillian Rice

We're excited to end the year strong! Earlier this week we had our quarterly staff meeting. A primary activity in each of these meetings is identifying individual goals for the coming quarter that support our organizational goals and recapping special organizational successes and progress to the foundation's goals occurring in the prior quarter.

 Priorities topping each of our lists in the coming ten weeks:

             Talia Barajas is our Scholarship Program Manager. We are beginning a very busy time of year for her - scholarship training and promotion! Her goals are to visit 15-20 warehouses to provide scholarship information to employees, schedule scholarship training in 40 high schools and work with temporary instructors to assist with delivery, have 80% of current students working on their renewal applications (due January 15th) and make meaningful contacts with her assigned students.

            Jillian Rice is our Assistant Director. She recently extended her schedule from part-time to full-time and took on lead roles in student support; this aligns with the Master's in Higher Education: Curriculum, Supervision and Educational Leadership she's enrolled in at CWU. Her current goals are to prepare promotional materials for a monthly giving campaign, secure attendance of a minimum of 15 students at each of the December career tours, implement successful student holiday dinners with 100 students attending, prepare an alumni giving plan for 2019 and research best practices for using LinkedIn to share with students and alumni.

             Jennifer Witherbee is the foundation's Executive Director. Her priorities for the remainder of the year are to implement the new team mentorship program for WAEF students, secure volunteers for 2019 scholarship selections, raise the remaining funds to achieve the full Donate A Bin match, pursue a new student app for regular WAEF communications & scholarship administration, finalize the 2019 budget for approval, hire and onboard a new administrative assistant, and ensure successful outcomes to WAEF's events held during the WSTFA Annual Meeting in December.

We also identified our top accomplishments of the last quarter:

  • Five new scholarship agreements were signed

  • A new scholarship training plan was initiated with temporary instructors assisting

  • Successful partnership with the Central Washington State Fair honoring farmworker families

  • Representatives from 18 schools attended our Scholarship Launch Week luncheons and materials were sent to all high schools in our region

  • Customized warehouse scholarship promotional materials were distributed to employers with WAEF scholarships

  • Care packages were sent to 260 students by volunteers

  • 2019 scholarship applications were released

  • 80% of board members attended the August Board of Directors meeting

  • Logo design was completed for the 25-year anniversary

  • 35 people attended the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

 And since the end of the year will soon approach, we shared the accomplishments we felt WAEF should be most proud of this year.

There were two that were most significant to us. One was the implementation of the new renewal plan for all current WAEF scholarship recipients. There were lots of ways that this new approach could have gone sideways. Thanks to generous donors and very adaptable volunteers, the new endeavor was a success providing students with the security if they perform at college, WAEF will be there for them to provide financial support.

 The other was meaningful scholarship celebration luncheons. In total, over 1000 people attended the events this year. Donors, students and parents together celebrating the impact that individuals can make working collectively created a magical feeling. Speakers and volunteers treated guests to warm hospitality, inspiring stories and a true sense of purpose.

 We are truly appreciative of the opportunity to get to work for an amazing industry and impressive group of driven young people.

 Thank you for making the work of WAEF possible!