Summer Workshops for WAEF Students

Prior to the start of the WAEF Scholarship Celebration Luncheons held in Wenatchee and Yakima, new students and returning students arrived at 8:30 to attend a variety of workshops focused on college success and career preparation.

Each group of students attended three workshops tailored specifically to their current grade level in college to ensure relevancy and benefit to every student.  

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Workshops Offered

Professional Social Skills presented by Colleen Malmassari of Borton and Sons. This workshop focused on professional behavior before, during, and after an employment interview. As WAEF students begin to search for jobs, internships, and complete interviews, the professional standards reviewed in this session will help them make a positive impression on all employers.

Budgeting in the Real World and Know Your Score presented by Steve Clive and Ben Cox of Washington Trust Bank. These sessions focused on providing students the knowledge to create a budget, and how to manage credit responsibly. These skills will be important as many of the students begin to manage their own finances for the first time or begin to look at their credit score for future purchases. 

Steve Clive shares about including savings in a budget.

Steve Clive shares about including savings in a budget.

Social Media Do's and Don'ts and Beyond a Salary- Things to Consider with Your New Job presented by Nora Heath, Missy Raymond, and Zenaida Sanchez of Wells Fargo. Social Media Do's and Don'ts was an eye-opening session on the positives and negatives of social media. Also touched on, was social media and how it can affect your employment opportunities. Beyond a Salary reviewed several sample job offers and used them as a platform to discuss health benefits, vacation time, 401k, and many other facets of employment offers.

Understanding Financial Aid presented by Ilda Meza and Michelle Story of Heritage University. This session was for freshman students as well as their parents. Michelle and Ilda help students and parents understand the steps to receiving financial aid, terms and acronyms they may hear, as well as options they have. 

Missy Raymond and Norah Heath on  Social Media Dos and Don'ts

Missy Raymond and Norah Heath on Social Media Dos and Don'ts

Internships and Job Shadows: How, Why, and When was a panel interview moderated by Chris Willett of Enzafruit Products in Wenatchee and Kate Woods of the Northwest Horticultural Council in Yakima. The panels consisted of several human relations professionals as well as young professionals in relatively early stages of their careers. These panel interviews provided our students with a look into what human relations departments are looking for, how to make contact to set up a job shadow or internship, and why are internships and job shadows beneficial. Thank you to all our career panelists; Jesika Harper, Anika Grubbs, Xochitl Velazquez, Zach Williams, Danielle Gilbertson, Kyle Womach, and Miriam Castro.

New Student Orientation presented by Talia Barajas of the Washington Apple Education Foundation. This session was specifically focused to students new to WAEF. Talia spent time familiarizing new students on the policies and benefits of become a WAEF student.

Before several of the sessions, WAEF staff presented 360Alumni, a new software to WAEF that will serve as a resource to help support the efforts of connecting students with mentorship opportunities.

These workshops would not have been able to happen without the generous support of WAEF volunteers.

Thank you for your support!