Board Member Spotlight: Larry Martin

"Education can be such an important key to success, and serving on the WAEF board lets me help with providing opportunities to many deserving students."

Larry Martin joined the Washington Apple Education Foundation board of directors about a year and a half ago, but his relationship with WAEF began over 10 years ago as part of the scholarship selection committee. We are very fortunate to have his experience and professional expertise supporting the foundation.

Larry is an attorney for Halverson Northwest Law Group in Yakima with an emphasis on business and environmental law. Larry is a proud northwestern resident, having lived in the northwest his entire life. He was born in Colfax, Washington, not too far from where he currently resides in Yakima. Larry holds a degree in business administration from Washington State University (and is obviously a Cougars fan!) as well as a law degree from the University of Puget Sound.

When asked what educational opportunities meant to him, Larry answered, "Providing every student with the opportunity to explore potential careers through the education process and making sure that they have the money and tools to succeed in their goals". Larry finds it very rewarding to help students reach their academic goals and this is supported by the scholarship that he began from Halverson Northwest for individuals with and interest in law or a related field. 

In his personal life, Larry is an avid sports fan (Go Cougs!),  enjoys traveling and also golf. He and his wife Susan have three daughters.

Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do with the Washington Apple Education Foundation Larry!