WAEF Wish List

The WAEF Wish List is filled with names and stories of exceptional young people with the ability to attend college and the desire to make an impact. These exceptional students were identified by our scholarship selection committee following an exhaustive review of all applicants. Many of these students have overcome impressive obstacles to reach their current level of academic success. Their inspirations for attending college vary though they all seem to know that education is not only their own door to success but will also propel their families and communities forward.

The WAEF scholarship application is a rigorous form. It requires students to write an essay, provide answers to three short answer prompts, collect two letters of reference, submit high school, and if applicable, college transcripts, compile financial data and assemble a history of their work experience, volunteer roles, extracurricular activities, awards and leadership responsibilities. Over 1000 students began the application, just over 300 students submitted complete applications. Before our committee even begins its review, we know the students presented to them are driven and capable.

Unfortunately, there were just too many outstanding applicants for the number of scholarships we currently have available! Before telling some of our top contenders we are unable to assist them attend college this year, we wanted to give WAEF supporters an opportunity to pick a student and sponsor a scholarship.

What you'll see on this year's list that had not been as strong in years past, students with an interest in work in the tree fruit industry. In prior years, these students were chosen during the early rounds of selection. With such exceptional growth in students seeking tree fruit industry careers, existing scholarships couldn't fill the need. These bios have been highlighted to direct your attention to the young men and women that are currently on path to join the innovative, driven world-class tree fruit industry.

Students selected will receive a scholarship titled in the sponsor name. Awards must be a minimum of $1000 per scholarship. Please respond by May 5th for students to be included in announcements.

How do you help?

1.Read the profiles of students on the Wish List

2. Consider if you, someone you know or a group of your friends, family or co-workers, would like to sponsor a student.

3. Contact the WAEF office at (509) 663-7713 or Jennifer.witherbee@waef.org  to pledge your financial support for one or more students.  Invoices will be sent in May for payment in June.

Click this link to see the 2017 Wish List of students:  Wish List.

Thank you!