Vital Roles for Ensuring WAEF Achieves Maximum Impact for the Tree Fruit Industry

The 20-member WAEF board of directors is accountable for the direction of the Washington Apple Education Foundation.  Collectively directors are responsible for the decisions and activities of the organization.  They have some help from volunteers serving on the WAEF standing committees.

Each of the WAEF standing committees has a specific purpose.  The committees consist of a mix of current board members, past board members and others with industry ties.  Membership is generally fluid with the chairman of each committee ratified by the board of directors annually.

Standing Committees

Audit Committee

The audit committee convenes once yearly, or as needed, to review the year-end financial statements, audit adjustments, tax forms and CPA findings in accordance with the annual audit contracted by the board of directors.  Chairman: Dwaine Brown, Treasurer

Investment Committee

The investment committee meets twice annually. The purpose of the committee is to review performance of the WAEF investment fund manager and ensure asset allocations follows the WAEF investment policies. The committee makes recommendations to the WAEF board of directors regarding changes to the policy or management of the fund. This committee meets twice annually for regular business.      Chairman: Dan Plath

Strategic Planning Committee

The strategic planning committee meets to review and update WAEF's strategic plan. The ideal committee structure includes new board members with fresh perspectives and founding members with historic views of WAEF.   The committee meets up to four times during a two-year process.  Chairman: Jeff Fagg

Scholarship Selection Committee

The scholarship committee is responsible for reviewing and awarding scholarships on behalf of WAEF and each of the scholarship funds managed by WAEF. The scholarship review process, taking place in March/April, requires approximately 20-30 hours of independent review of qualified applicants by each of its member. The committee meets twice yearly.  Chairman: Cory Groves

Farmworker/Ag Worker Education Committee

This committee is responsible for the selection of the Farmworker/Ag Worker Education Program Community & School Grant recipients. The committee meets once in the spring during the review and selection process and on occasion, meets once or twice during the year to discuss program priorities, changes and/or other activities focused on achieving the goals of the Farmworker/Ag Worker Education Program. Committee members are asked to take advantage of opportunities throughout the year to learn more about the program recipients and community needs through site visits and other educational opportunities.  Chairman: Ruth Pringle

Resource Development Committee

Revived in 2016! The resource development committee is responsible for developing, managing and implementing a plan to provide unrestricted income for WAEF programs and operations.  Members of the committee spend time outside of committee meeting communicating with sponsors and securing support.  Chairman: James Foreman, vice-chairman

Student Stewardship Committee

The role of this committee is to facilitate opportunities that lead to degree completion and confident transition to post-degree employment. A focus of the committee is to increase awareness of career opportunities in the tree fruit industry.  Chairman: Frank Davis

In addition to standing committees, WAEF officers make up the Executive Committee.  Officers meet a minimum of four times per year to address matters related to board advancement, staffing, budget development and maintenance and other issues that come up between board meetings.  WAEF officers include the immediate past chairman, chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer. 

Several volunteers participate with WAEF through office volunteering, care packages, mentorship, event staffing and much more.

WAEF is fortunate to have over 100 individuals providing guidance and service annually.  It is with the support and talents of many that the tree fruit industry's charity serves the needs of industry families.