Industry Human Resource Professionals Impact Student Success

Earlier this week WAEF invited industry human resource professionals to gather at Cave B for a special luncheon thanking them for their involvement with WAEF students. We rely on HR staff to help current students with resume reviews, identifying internship and summer job opportunities and recruiting former students back to the industry.

Frequently it is the human resource office staff that spreads the word in organizations about the amazing opportunities tree fruit industry members are offering to families employed in the industry through scholarships. To that end, we wanted to make sure members of these staffs had information about the scholarship program. The event Tuesday provided a helpful way to share more about WAEF scholarships.

In addition to saying thanks and sharing more about WAEF, time was reserved for members to network with each other and discuss matters that many in the industry HR world encounter. Since no WAEF event is complete without some type of "get to know you" activity, we now have potential blackmail material :).

Our intent is to host a similar gathering annually. As much as we tried to get a complete list of industry HR staff members, we know we missed some. If we can add you to our list of HR contacts, please reach us at or (509) 663-7713 with your contact information.

Nearly 20 industry HR professionals attended representing Legacy Fruit, Sagemoor Farms, Sundquist Fruit, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Washington Fruit & Produce, Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers, Cowiche Growers and McDougall & Sons.