WAEF Notes of Gratitude: Week 2

The Washington Apple Education Foundation's board of directors is made up of a diverse and committed group of tree fruit industry members dedicated to leading the industry's charity. WAEF's mission is to impact lives by providing access to educational opportunities, so board members were asked to share why they are thankful for education.

Here's what some of them had to say!




Education teaches us about the opportunities out there in this world.  Those opportunities are only limited by ourselves! - Dave Robison, Robison Orchards






I'm thankful for education because, in this country, it grants equal access to life-changing knowledge, no matter what ones circumstances are. -Laurie Knebusch, Cowiche Growers






I am thankful for my education as it has proven to me that I can do anything that I put my mind to. -Kailan Dunn, HR Spinner Corporation




I am so fortunate and grateful that someone  believed in me and sent me to college.  I am retired now but that college degree helped me in every job I ever had during my working career.  I enjoy being part of a Foundation that helps others get an education.  -

LaVerne Bergstrom  







I am thankful for education as it opens eyes and opens doors.- Larry Martin, Halverson NW Law Group





Being exposed to a variety of " life experiences"  is an integral part of an individual's success. Education  opens the "life experience" door to expand knowledge and expose individuals to other people, their life styles and values.  

-Ruth Pringle





I am thankful for education because of the opportunity that it provides people to better themselves, their families and our communities. -Dan Plath, Washington Fruit & Produce Company





I'm thankful for education because it's the one issue that unites our society. Regardless of color, economic status, political affiliation, we can all agree an investment in education pays the greatest economic and societal dividends.- Darrin Belton, Wilbur-Ellis Company





I am thankful for education because of the opportunities it provides to improving oneself. -Brian Alegria, CPC International Apple Company







I am thankful for Education because it gives people hope. Hope for a better life, and a future full of possibilities. -Frank Davis, Washington Fruit & Produce Company






I am thankful for educational opportunities as furthering my education was the springboard that allowed me to establish a long and gratifying professional career.- Jeff Fagg, Northwest Farm Credit Services  





Education, through experience and learning, provides a foundation and a perspective to take you places you never imagined. -Cory Groves, United Pacific Forest Products, Yakima





Education creates immense opportunities for those who have access. Education allows people to grow personally and professionally, and ultimately contribute in their communities in increased capacities.

-Chris Willett, Enza Fruit