WAEF Notes of Gratitude: Week 4

Anika Grubbs and a New Generation of Giving

Anika Grubbs, a former Washington Apple Education Foundation scholarship recipient, is giving back and supporting students through the foundation that helped her achieve her academic goals. Anika shares below why she is choosing hold a scholarship through WAEF and support students who have a keen interest in their communities.  


There are so many talented students in our community, many of whom are in the first generation in their family to attend college. But with the rising costs of higher education, many students may feel their goal of attending college is out of reach.

 Like the Washington Apple Education Foundation, I believe that no student should be prevented from attending college due to financial reasons when they have the drive, motivation, and passion for pursuing their goals. I was fortunate enough to attend Harvard through scholarships, such as the one I received through WAEF, and my parents' support. Knowing that not all students may have the same opportunity and that the tree fruit industry assisted me in achieving my academic dreams made me want to give back to WAEF, so I could contribute to the community that provided so much support to me when I was a student.

This year I established the Triple G Orchards Scholarship in order to help local students who, like me when I was their age, have a dream, but just need the opportunity and financial support to make it a reality. Donating to WAEF was particularly important to me because WAEF makes it possible for students to achieve their higher education goals, regardless of their families' financial situations, while preparing them for success in college and beyond.  

 My hope is that by making a commitment to community service a main component of the scholarship criteria, the future recipients of the Triple G Orchards Scholarship will remember to give back to the communities that have helped them along the way to realizing their dreams, whether through mentoring other students, volunteering their time, or supporting WAEF as it continues to expand academic opportunities across our state. 

 -Anika Grubbs