WAEF Notes Of Gratitude: Week 1

The weather is cooler, the leaves have fallen off the trees and November has begun. 

In the spirit of the holiday ahead, the Washington Apple Education Foundation will be highlighting notes of gratitude: a series of articles that reflect the spirit of thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy reading about the ways in which good works are being done and the many ways that they are appreciated. 

Maria Soto.jpg

WAEF caught up with Alumni Maria Soto and asked her to share a bit about her current life since graduating three years ago.

Dear WAEF, 

I am doing well. Right now I am still on maternity leave since I had my little guy. I will be going back to work around mid-November. Life is going great. I feel very blessed. 

Since I graduated, I got married and we also bought a house. I have a little boy as well. I am still working on the Medical-Oncology floor at the hospital. So far everything is going great. I started being relief charge in February, and that position has taught me many things! I have learned to deal with difficult situations and patients as well. 

When I am charge I also go around helping others and make sure they are doing okay.. Who knew 3 years could go by so fast? I have gained so much experience working on that floor, and I continue to do so every single day! 

Next year I plan to enroll in the BSN program at WVC. I plan to obtain my Bachelors, and by doing so, I will have more opportunities to expand my knowledge in nursing. What else can I say? Honestly,  I am very thankful for you! If it wasn't for the support, none of this would have been possible! Thank you! 

-Maria Soto