Volunteers are honored at the 2017 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

45 people were in attendance yesterday to enjoy socializing, honoring this year's volunteer award winners and of course- eat a delicious breakfast together surrounded by the magnificent scenery at Cave B in Quincy.

All of our 200+ incredible volunteers make a huge impact and help support educational opportunities for students, but each year we select three standout volunteers in the following areas; alumni volunteer of the year, individual volunteer of the year, and volunteer company/group of the year.

Alumni volunteer of the year: Ruth Velasco Ortiz

Ruth Velasco Ortiz was a WAEF scholarship recipient back in 2010 through 2013. Since graduating from the University of Washington in 2013, Ruth has supported WAEF and WAEF students in many ways. She has served on the scholarship selection committee for the past two years, helped with scholarship announcements, donated time and effort to the golf tournaments, sent care packages to WAEF students and been a member of the student stewardship committee.

Individual volunteer of the year: Colleen Malmassari

Prior to the scholarship luncheons, WAEF holds summer workshops for their scholarship recipients. The workshops include a variety of worthwhile information. Colleen Malmassari has been an exceptional part of the workshops. In 2016, Colleen spoke during the job panel session with the purpose of sharing about the best professional practices when job seeking and what companies look for in applicants.

This past year, Colleen took on an even more integral part of the summer workshops and developed a curriculum on professional social skills where she presented in Wenatchee and Yakima to our over 200 student attendees. Colleen is also part of the Borton & Sons care package team, where they send creative packages to students twice a year.

Volunteer company/group of the year: Northwest Farm Credit Services

We are so excited that members of Northwest Farm Credit Services have chosen WAEF to support with their time and talents. Below is their impressive list of volunteer achievements. 

·         Five people served on the scholarship selection committee: Ken Ballard, Craig Shindler, Tom Howard, Dennis Bigness, and Riley Mengarelli.

·         Jesika Harper was a part of the job panel for the last two years during the student summer workshops.

·         Two provided fundraising supports at the golf tournaments and scholarship luncheons: Dany Cavadini and Riley Mengarelli.

·         Jeff Fagg served on the board of directors, investment committee, audit committee, resource development committee, and also made huge strides in supporting WAEF while he chaired the strategic planning committee this year.

·         Carl Sohn will be facilitating the board retreat in November.

·         Ken Ballard and colleagues volunteered their office space for our first scholarship launch in Pasco this September.

From top to bottom, Jennifer Witherbee and Ruth Velasco Ortiz, Jennifer Witherbee and Colleen Malmassari, Northwest Farm Credit Services Volunteers.

WAEF is very thankful to the people who devote their time to the foundation.