WAEF Reaches 4,000 Students Annually With Scholarship Insights

Over the last 20 years, the Washington Apple Education Foundation has been providing scholarships to deserving students. Each year, scholarship selection committees spend countless hours reviewing applications and making informed decisions on which applications evoke excellence and deserve awards. Unfortunately, there are those applications that present themselves unfavorably to the committees. These applications are often incomplete, or missing required attachments, illegible, and the list did go on... until WAEF decided to take action.

At the request of selection committee members, WAEF began offering scholarship training classes to educate students on writing award-winning scholarship applications and other tips on making their application stand out. This training has a broad range of impact. Once the school counselors sign up for training, all seniors are requested to attend, not just those eligible to apply for WAEF scholarships.

Each year, WAEF staff travels to over 40 rural high schools, technical schools and various colleges and provides training to about 4000 students. The 30-minute training classes provide students with an overview of the information that selection committee members pay closest attention to. Students receive detailed workbooks to follow along, take notes and to use later on as a guide for scholarship applications. Watch our PSA videos below that are shown to students during the sessions.


This week, WAEF began scholarship training, their first stop: Wapato. Over the rest of October, November, December and a bit into January, WAEF will visit many schools and make personal connections with students. Building these relationships will allow students to feel confident in applying for scholarships through WAEF and reaching out with questions to the people they met through the training. Scholarship training schedule.

It is our hope that with this training, all scholarship providers receive the best from every student. More scholarships awarded mean more students attending college, which ultimately benefits the families in our communities and our future economy.

Thank you to our scholarship training sponsors: Chelan Fresh, Community Foundation of North Central Washington, KeyBank, Rotary International, US Bank and Wells Fargo.

More information on WAEF's scholarship training can be found here on our website.