Fall Campus Dinners

WAEF students are well into their first terms of the new school year. It's at this time of year we make the rounds to area campuses to chat with students, make sure they have the support needed for success and encourage them to network with each other.

In addition to spending time with students this year, we also scheduled visits with several of the support services and administrative offices at some of the campus. In Pullman last month time was taken to visit with the Dean of Students, financial aid, College Access Migrant Program (CAMP), TRIO, Multicultural Student Services and the Academic Success and Career Center. In our visits, we learned more about on campus services, eligibility requirements and specific individuals available to help WAEF students. This was also a chance to share about WAEF and our outreach to boost student success.

Similarly, visits occurred earlier this month with financial aid and student services at CWU in Ellensburg. We have visits scheduled at Eastern Washington University next week.

WAEF's new Professional Resources/Mentorship opportunity for students is being rolled out at the dinners. This new opportunity provides an online module for students to reach out to WAEF volunteers with questions about career planning, internships, job shadows and college assistance. Volunteers have profiles created on the WAEF networking site with contact information for students to reach out directly.

That same site provides opportunities for industry employers to post jobs and internships. We encourage students to use summer employment strategically to gain experience in valuable areas that might be missing from their resumes currently. The tree fruit industry has been an incredible resource to students beyond providing scholarships; summer jobs in the industry have been the path for many of our students to make college possible.

We're encouraging students to continue to work with industry employers and seek jobs that provide them with office, introductory supervisory and/or professional use of technology skills. Summer employment also allows for participation with employers in their home communities that may result in future career employment. It's through student experiences with industry employers they gain an appreciation of the breadth of opportunities, the technological advances present in the industry and the positive working environments enjoyed by so many of us in the tree fruit industry.

To post jobs or internships with WAEF, send the job overview and application process to Kelsey.martinson@waef.org.  Kelsey is also available to share more about this outreach effort. Many WAEF students will be securing summer employment during the Christmas holiday break.

Campus dinners occur in areas where we have high numbers of students. We wish we could visit all of our students!

            Pullman, September 27th, 40 students attended

            Ellensburg, October 3rd, 18 students attended

            Yakima, October 5th, 9 students attended

            Seattle, October 9th, 26 students attended

            Cheney, October 17th, Registration open

            Wenatchee, October 19th Registration open