WAEF Weekly: Volunteer Sharon McDougall

Sharon and Stuart McDougall

Sharon and Stuart McDougall

WAEF asked Sharon McDougall to share a bit about herself and her family, her involvement with WAEF, and why she continues to volunteer. Read Sharon's story below:

"I have been in the Wenatchee Valley since 1953 when my parents moved from North Dakota. My family consists of my husband Stuart;  my son, Bryon and my five grandkids.  Three of these grandkids are very active, two year old triplet boys.  Stuart is President of McDougall & Sons, Inc and Bryon is Vice President in charge of warehouse operations. I worked for the Wenatchee National Forest as a fire dispatcher for 10 years.  I spent the next 28 years working for Washington State in various positions associated with education.   At the North Central Educational Service District I was a Fiscal/Student Record Coordinator for 28 school districts. In Wenatchee School District I was an Information Specialist coordinating computer services for the administrative and teaching staff.  At Central Washington University I was an Administrative Assistant coordinating program services for the six satellite university sites around the state.  When I am not with my grandkids, I enjoy road cycling, hiking and golf.

My volunteer services began with youth sports in various positions with Wenatchee youth soccer, baseball and hockey.  I volunteered for 12 years with CASA, (court appointed special advocate) representing abused and neglected children in court to assure their rights and needs are met while in foster care.  I was one of the founders and on the board of the Good Grief Center, a program that offers children and their families a safe and supportive environment while they reconcile their grief of the death of family member.  I volunteered with the Chelan County Diversion Board.   This board reviewed the juvenile record of a child that has been arrested and determined what services this child would need to complete.

I became involved in WAEF in 1998 when I was approached by the owners of CMI, Columbia Fruit and McDougall & Sons, Inc to create a scholarship fund (CCM) for the children of their employees. After defining the terms, conditions, eligibility and selection criteria for the scholarship, I approached WAEF to manage the fund and I continued as the liaison between the CCM board and WAEF for the first five years of the scholarship.  For the past 18 years at least two full-ride, four-year scholarships have been offered each year.  With WAEF I have served on the Budget Committee, the Farmworker Education Grant Selection Committee;  the Scholarship Selection Committee and on the WAEF Board of Directors.

Knowing that I have volunteered and worked in areas that have huge impacts on children's lives has been very rewarding and I have many fond memories. With CASA, the adoptions or reuniting of families, with Good Grief watching a child heal and grow, and with WAEF having CCM scholarship recipients go on to very successful careers."

Sharon's favorite quotes:  

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."  (B.B. King)

"You educate a man; you educate a man.  You educate a woman; you educate a generation" (Brigham Young)

Thank you Sharon for letting us read a part of your story, and thank you for your years of service and support to WAEF.