Meet WAEF Graduate Alexis Rapozo

I'm graduating with my Bachelor's in Zoology and currently am planning on taking a year off between finishing my undergraduate studies and attending veterinary school. After breaking my ankle my junior year, I unfortunately had to forfeit my early admission to WSU's veterinary school and take time off for my health, but I'm now doing better than ever and am determined to reapply and continue to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

I've worked and volunteered at several vet clinics in North Central Washington.

With regard to my WAEF Scholarship, it was a huge part of my success at college: it provided me with the financial security and ability to focus nearly entirely on my studies and avoid juggling work and school. This was an invaluable contribution to my academic success and a huge part of why I was able to complete my undergraduate degree in four years. 
- Alexis Rapozo

Side note - Alexis is living in Spokane currently and seeking employment in a veterinary office to gain more experience before returning to WSU for grad school.  Please send ideas for her to the WAEF office.  Thanks!