"Where else can you make this kind of an impact?"

Robison family with Dave and Karla in the center.

Robison family with Dave and Karla in the center.

Dave Robison was elected to the board of directors in 2014 though that wasn't his first interaction with the foundation. 

Dave knew WAEF as a parent of a scholarship recipient first.  He shared that the funding his daughters received from WAEF came at a vital time when orchard income was low.  It was at that time when the foundation came through for his family that he made a commitment to himself to give back to WAEF when the timing was right.

"WAEF is a unique organization.  Its transparency and professionalism coupled with the impact it achieves makes it an easy sell," he responded when asked about his willingness to make time for the foundation while managing his family orchard business.  It is the impact that makes it worthwhile.  He shared he is motivated by the driven students we assist, "It returns me to the old American Way, the more you do the more you get back.  These students still have hunger and plenty of potential."

We asked what he thought might surprise others to learn about the workings of the WAEF board.  Dave's response: "Every member has a personal story to share about the work of WAEF; a one-on-one interaction with a WAEF student, reaction to reviewing an application, or conversation with a parent.  Rarely do you find a group so committed to a shared goal."

He summed it up by saying "It must work when you look back to see how much has been accomplished and how much it has grown."

WAEF is thankful for each member of the board of director that together so capably and thoughtfully provide direction and oversight for the foundation and individually contribute time, financial resources and creative energy to ensure WAEF achieves its mission.  Thank you WAEF directors!