Meet WAEF Graduate Kelly Komro

kelly komro.jpg

Career thoughts: I plan to get a teaching job around the Wenatchee area, Waterville is my ideal place to work since we just bought a house out there, but I am open to all districts :)

Grad School: This is definitely something that I want to pursue in my educational career. I plan to teach for a year and gain experience. Then I plan to pursue a masters degree!

Summer Plans: I plan to work for the Washington State Department of Agriculture again this summer as a commodity inspector for the 2016 cherry harvest. This is a job that I enjoy doing during the summer and it keeps me busy working long hours. This job has been such a blessing because it has helped me go to school by providing me with funds to pay for my rent and other expenses.

WAEF Scholarship: The WAEF Scholarships that I have received have helped me in so many ways in my journey to obtain a teaching certificate. The scholarships have allowed me to focus on school and not to worry about financial burdens, which is amazing since it has allowed me to put my full efforts into my education. The WAEF Scholarships and donors have given me the opportunity to go to college which was once a dream of mine that I knew would be difficult to obtain since my financial situation was not where it needed to be. The WAEF scholarships and donors have given me this amazing opportunity and I could not be more grateful to them. 

Thank you for all you do! This is such an amazing foundation and I would not be where I am today if it were not for all the generous donations.

-Kelly Komro